Mobilization in favor of access to rights: Gers launches the hunt for non-recourse

Mobilization in favor of access to rights: Gers launches the hunt for non-recourse
Mobilization in favor of access to rights: Gers launches the hunt for non-recourse

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The Gers, via the Communauté des Communes Astarac Arros en Gascogne (CCAAG), is one of the 39 experimental territories of the “Zero non-recourse” state system in France. The objective: to ensure that no person or household misses out on social assistance or benefits to which they are entitled.

The Astarac Arros Community of Communes in Gascony was selected among the 39 territories for the national experiment “Zero Non-Recourse Territory” (TZNR). It is the only one in the Gers department among the 5 selected in the Occitanie region. The fight against non-take-up refers to a situation in which a person does not receive aid, services or social benefits to which they could be entitled.

Studies show that more than 30% of French people do not take the necessary steps to access their rights. This is verified on a daily basis via community services linked to France Services houses, Childhood and Youth services or personal assistance services.

“Social cohesion”

Several reasons explain this figure: lack of mobility, lack of information or mastery of IT tools. “Non-recourse is a factor in weakening the poorest populations. Not benefiting, in part or in full, from the aid to which people are entitled makes many households vulnerable, if not impoverished. Non-recourse calls into question our social model because it reflects a form of inability to make the rights created effective, while attitudes of distrust can be fueled between our fellow citizens who contribute to social protection through their work, and those who benefit from it, explains Céline Salles , 1st vice-president of the Departmental Council and president of the CCAAG In this context, the fight against non-recourse becomes an essential objective of preserving social cohesion and is among the political priorities that we must pursue. embark on the experiment as a “Zero Non-Recourse Territory” for the next 3 years so that all residents have access to all their rights.”

600,000 euros released

The prefect Laurent Carrié echoes the words of the Gers elected official: “The Gers does not play alongside just anyone, since there is also Montpellier and the department of Haute-Garonne. The important thing is not the size but the quality of the files that it is capable of producing in an extremely dynamic territory. As part of this experiment, “Going towards” means working to go further, an opportunity for audiences who do not have. access to these rights.”

“A financial contribution of 600,000 euros from the state is allocated to achieve this objective which I hope to see spread to neighboring territories”, concludes the prefect of Gers.




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