No candidate from Oise on the Renaissance list for Europeans

No candidate from Oise on the Renaissance list for Europeans
No candidate from Oise on the Renaissance list for Europeans

The Need for list at the European elections does not include a representative from Oise. This list, which has just been published in its entirety, brings together the political parties which support Emmanuel Macron, President of the Republic: Renaissance, MoDem, Horizons, UDI and Radical Party. But no political figure from Oise was deemed worthy of appearing there. Neither Eric Woerth, real boss of Renaissance Oise, but it is true that he is a deputy at the Palais Bourbon, nor Nicolas Bourgeois, real president of Renaissance Oise, nor Bernard Hellal, president of MoDem Oise, nor Chanez Herbanne, nor Ophélie Van Elsuwe , co-presidents of Horizons Oise, nor Daniel Leca, president of the UDI Oise, nor Jacques Doridam, president of the radical party Oise.

Five candidates from Hauts-de-

On the other hand, five representatives from Hauts-de-France appear on this list of 81 names: Valérie Devaux, deputy mayor of (), François Decoster, mayor of Saint-Omer (Pas-de-), Michel Arnaud , municipal councilor of (Pas-de-Calais), Vanessa Duhamel, municipal councilor of (North) and Violette Spillebout, deputy for the North.

According to the latest poll carried out by the Harris-Interactive institute and Toluna for M6, Challenges and RTL, the Need for Europe list is at 15% of voting intentions, behind RN Bardella at 31% and closely followed by the list PS Glucksmann at 14%.

13 to 14 elected, according to the latest survey

With 15% of the votes, the Need for Europe list, led by Valérie Hayer, can hope to obtain 13 to 14 elected officials. In the current European Parliament, the Renaissance list, supported by La République en Marche, MoDem and its partners, has 23 elected officials. If the trend continues, it would not be a resounding success for the President of the Republic.

This Need for Europe list, which is reminiscent of the song “Need for nothing, want for you” by the famous Peter and Sloane, is remarkable for its ending. Elisabeth Borne, former Prime Minister, appears in 81st and last position. Stéphane Séjourné, Minister of Foreign Affairs, in 80. François Bayrou, president of MoDem, in 78. And Edouard Philippe, former Prime Minister, president of Horizons, in 76th place.

The Need for Europe list

  • 1 HAYER Valérie PAYS DE LA Mayenne European Member of Parliament
  • 3 VEDRENNE Marie-Pierre BRETAGNE Ille-et-Vilaine European Member of Parliament.Regional Councilor
  • 4 CANFIN Pascal ILE-DE-FRANCE Seine-Saint-Denis MEP
  • 5 LOISEAU Nathalie ILE-DE-FRANCE Paris European Member of Parliament
  • 6 GOZI Sandro FOREIGN Italy MEP
  • 7 KELLER Fabienne Alsace European Member of Parliament
  • 8 ALLIONE Grégory PACA Director of the Higher of Fire Officers
  • 9 FARRENG Laurence NOUVELLE-AQUITAINE Pyrénées-Atlantiques European Member of Parliament. Regional advisor
  • 10 BOYER Gilles ILE-DE-FRANCE Paris MEP
  • 11 DEVAUX Valérie HAUTS-DE-FRANCE Somme Professor. Deputy mayor of Amiens. Community advisor for the Amiens Métropole urban community. Departmental advisor
  • 12 GRUDLER Christophe BFC Territoire-de- European Member of Parliament. Municipal councilor of Belfort
  • 13 YON-COURTIN Stéphanie NORMANDIE Lawyer. European MP. Regional advisor
  • 14 DECERLE Jérémy BFC Saône-et-Loire . European deputy. Municipal councilor of Chavegny sur Guye
  • 15 GUSTAVE DIT DUFLO Sylvie OUTRE-MER Guadeloupe Lecturer. Vice-president of the Guadeloupe Region
  • 16 HÉNART Laurent GRAND EST Meurthe-et- Lawyer. President of the Radical Party. Former minister. Former mayor of
  • 17 ABBA Bérangère GRAND EST Haute- Environmental inspector. Former Secretary of State for Biodiversity. Former MP
  • 18 ORVILLE Max OUTRE-MER Teacher. European deputy
  • 19 of COMPREIGNAC Séverine ILE-DE-FRANCE Paris Councilor of Paris. Councilor of the 6th arrondissement of Paris. Secretary general of the Democrats group in the National Assembly.
  • 20 MÉJEAN Ambroise AURA Rhône President of Youth with Macron (JAM)
  • 21 PARDO Rachel-Flore ILE-DE-FRANCE Paris Lawyer
  • 22 ORSUCCI Jean-Charles CORSE Corse-du-Sud Administrative Secretary of National Education and Higher Education. Mayor of Bonifacio. 1st VP of the CC of South Corsica.
  • 23 LEULIETTE Alexandra OCCITANIE Haute-Garonne Director of the rector’s office.
  • 24 FOURNIER Xavier PAYS DE LA LOIRE Loire-Atlantique Secretary general of a political group. Deputy mayor of Guérande.
  • 25 SEBAN Shannon ILE-DE-FRANCE Seine-Saint-Denis Affairs Manager Europe. Municipal councilor of -sous-. President of RE93.
  • 26 DECOSTER François HAUTS-DE-FRANCE Pas-de-Calais Mayor of Saint-Omer, community council of the Pays de Saint-Omer agglomeration community, vice-president of the Hauts-de-France region. President of the RENEW EUROPE group at the European Committee of the Regions
  • 27 AMALRIC Catherine AURA Cantal Hospital practitioner. European MP. Municipal councilor of .
  • 28 CHERON James ILE-DE-FRANCE Seine-et-Marne Vice-president of the IDF Region. Mayor of Montereau-Fault-Yonne.
  • 29 ALTOUNIAN Magali PACA Alpes-Maritimes Regional councilor, president of the Europe of the Regional Council, deputy to the mayor of .
  • 30 KARLESKIND Pierre BRETAGNE Finistère Oceanographer. European deputy
  • 31 POLLOZEC Helene OUTRE-MER Mayotte Teacher. Departmental councilor of Mayotte.
  • 32 DJIANE Benjamin NORMANDIE Calvados Business manager. Vice-president of Territoires de Progrès.
  • 33 ANDRÉ Rosa ILE-DE-FRANCE Engineer in agri-food industries. Municipal councilor of Saint-Germain-en-Laye.
  • 34 SIV Phanit CVDL Loir-et- Operations Director.
  • 35 PAGÈS Yolène OCCITANIE Aveyron Farmer and agricultural engineer. Winner of the Nuffield Scholarship. Secretary General of Renaissance 12.
  • 36 SKALLI Aziz NOUVELLE-AQUITAINE IT manager. Municipal councilor of
  • 37 MARQUEZ Stéphanie OCCITANIE Haute-Pyrénées Nurse. Deputy Mayor of Ibos
  • 38 BATY Pierre-Jean ILE-DE-FRANCE Paris Project manager professional sectors. IDF regional advisor. President of MoDEM 75
  • 39 BREITMAN Rebecca GRAND EST Bas-Rhin Parliamentary advisor. Municipal and metropolitan councilor of
  • 40 OUDIN Dimitri GRAND EST Marne School teacher. Deputy Mayor of
  • 41 GUÉDON -Pascale ILE-DE-FRANCE Hauts-de-Seine General Director
  • 42 CAPPELLETTI Laurent OCCITANIE Hérault Professor of the CNAM. Deputy mayor of Mauguio Carnon, community advisor of the CA of Pays de l’Or
  • 43 ATTIAS Danielle AURA Rhône Professor
  • 44 FREBAULT Moreani OVERSEAS French Polynesia Director general of services for the municipality of Hiva Oa
  • 45 COFFINEAU Louise FDE Belgium Environment and climate policy advisor in an NGO. FDE consular delegate
  • 46 MÉGY Renan PACA Bouches-du-Rhône Territorial Advisor to the Prime Minister
  • 47 PROST Cécile AURA Isère Founding director TPE
  • 48 VERVANDIER Pierre-Luc FDE Belgium Project manager
  • 49 MAHÉ Karine BRETAGNE Côtes-d’Armor Territorial civil service service agent. Departmental delegate Horizons des Côtes d’Armor
  • 50 BLAIZE Gaëtan OCCITANIE Haute-Garonne Director of business development.
  • 51 DOSSEMONT Judith PACA Bouches-du-Rhône Territorial attaché. Departmental advisor responsible for housing. Municipal councilor of Roquevaire
  • 52 MICHEL Arnaud HAUTS-DE-FRANCE Pas-de-Calais Director of cabinet in local authorities. Deputy municipal councilor of Arras
  • 53 ROUVERAND Valérie OCCITANIE Trainer. Municipal and community councilor of Nîmes. President RE 30
  • 54 LEMAN Victorien BRETAGNE Morbihan Historian. Mayor of Rohan
  • 55 BOUVARD Martine PACA Var Honorary principal. Delegated municipal councilor of Roquebrune-sur-Argens. Community advisor in Estérel Côte d’Azur Agglomération.
  • 56 GRÉGOIRE Philippe NOUVELLE-AQUITAINE Vienna Administrative framework
  • 57 SCOTCHER Claire NOUVELLE-AQUITAINE Pyrénées-Atlantiques Old frame
  • 58 ATLANTE Romain ILE-DE-FRANCE Hauts-de-Seine Legal Director. Municipal councilor of Levallois-Perret
  • 59 DUHAMEL Vanessa HAUTS-DE-FRANCE North Commercial executive. Municipal and metropolitan councilor of Lille
  • 60 GUILPAIN Loïc CVDL Indre-et-Loire Teacher in physics and chemistry
  • 61 MAUZÉ Hermine BRETAGNE Ille-et-Vilaine Business manager
  • 62 N’DAO Daniel GRAND EST Vosges Responsible for the culture department. Delegated municipal councilor of Remiremont
  • 63 MASSAT Ophély OCCITANIE Arriège Accountant. President of RE 09. JAM national delegate. Municipal councilor of Saverdun
  • 64 JAKUBOWICZ Pierre GRAND EST Bas-Rhin Political collaborator. Strasbourg municipal councilor
  • 65 TROTIN Aurélie ILE-DE-FRANCE Hauts-de-Seine Sales engineer
  • 66 FRENKEL David FDE FDE Advisor in Ukraine
  • 67 ATTINA Éva GRAND EST Ardennes Student. JAM Grand Est regional coordinator. Member of the RE 08 office
  • 68 BOURCIER Alain BFC Nièvre Mayor of Gimouille
  • 69 PICHON Laëtitia AURA Rhône Housing department manager. Municipal councilor of Tassin-la-Demi-Lune
  • 70 CROUAN Erwan BRETAGNE Finistère Certified secondary education teacher. Mayor of Quéménéven. Community advisor for the Bretagne Ouest agglomeration community
  • 71 MALEK-AHMADI Pegah ILE-DE-FRANCE Paris Parliamentary collaborator
  • 72 FOLMER Alexandre GRAND EST Moselle Engineer
  • 73 GONZO-MASSOL Valérie AURA Haute-Savoie Departmental advisor. UDI departmental delegate. Former deputy mayor of
  • 74 VEIL Jean ILE-DE-FRANCE Paris Lawyer
  • 75 SPILLEBOUT Violette HAUTS-DE-FRANCE North Member of Parliament for the North. Municipal councilor of Lille
  • 76 PHILIPPE Édouard NORMANDY Seine- Mayor of , President of Le Havre Seine Métropole. President of Horizons
  • 77 LE GAGNE Anne BRETAGNE Ille-et-Vilaine Hospital doctor. Municipal councilor of Saint-Malo
  • 78 BAYROU François NOUVELLE-AQUITAINE Pyrénées-Atlantiques Mayor of , President of the Pau-Pyrénées urban community. President of MoDem
  • 79 ORTIZ Caroline AURA Haute-Savoie Business manager
  • 80 STAY Stéphane NOUVELLE-AQUITAINE Vienna Minister of Europe and Foreign Affairs
  • 81 BORNE Elisabeth NORMANDY Calvados Member of Parliament for Calvados. Former Prime Minister

In bold, the candidates from Hauts-de-France

Abbreviations – PACA: Provence Alpes Côte d’Azur, BFC: Bourgogne Franche-Comté, FDE: French abroad, AURA: Auvergne Rhône Alpes, CVDL: Center Val-de-Loire



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