Basketball. Thibault Allerme (ASPTT Caen): “We had to wait 39 years to experience this”

Basketball. Thibault Allerme (ASPTT Caen): “We had to wait 39 years to experience this”
Basketball. Thibault Allerme (ASPTT Caen): “We had to wait 39 years to experience this”

By Aline Chatel
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3 May 24 at 10:46

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ASPTT Caen saved its place in Nationale 3 down to the wire by dominating Union CBC-Hérouville, Sunday April 28, 2024 (63-48). The Postiers were however relegated throughout the season after their nightmarish start, marked by a victory in ten games. With four relegations this season, the task looked extremely complicated. The end result only adds more flavor to the performance.

I’ve never experienced moments like this, with a happy ending. We had to wait 39 years to experience this. That’s great. The whole club was behind us, they made some noise, it was really cool. Now all that’s left to do is celebrate.

Thibault Allerme, leader of ASPTT Caen

Elder of the group but always alert, Thibault Allerme probably did not imagine being so happy about remaining in Nationale 3 when the season started. The PTT were rather targeting the first half of the table, as usual. Their start to the season almost caused an unpleasant surprise. “We had a more complete group in the second phase. There are also matches where the coin fell on the right side. The postures play a bit into that. »

“Thirties remain calm”

The last day played against Union CBC-Hérouville showed the strength of the postal collective. “We also come to play with our friends, to experience that,” says Thibault Allerme. Beyond the result, whether we lose or win, it is also the social bond that we seek. If we also have the results at the end, it’s only happiness. » The PTT used their experience to stifle their adversaries.

The thirty-somethings remain serene and in control of the match. Oppositely, they foiled because it was a little mentally complicated.

Thibault Allerme

The Caen BC reserve team, since the union with Hérouville ends after three years of existence, will therefore play in the Pre-National. “Even if there is still a rivalry between the two clubs, I am not necessarily happy that David’s team (Onillon) is going down. It took one of both. I would have preferred it to be a team from another region. » After the descents of Caen Nord and the CBC, ASPTT Caen will be the only Caen representative in Nationale 3 next season. Still with Thibault Allerme? “It’s in reflection,” he confides.

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