Talk freely about drugs – Nevers (58000)

Talk freely about drugs – Nevers (58000)
Talk freely about drugs – Nevers (58000)

At the Pierre-Bérégovoy high school, students were able to talk freely about drugs and alcohol. They participated in Can’Abysse, an interactive show on these themes.

The show Can’ Abyss presented by the company Le Trimaran at the Pierre-Bérégovoy high school, deals with the dangers linked to taking psychotropic drugs and doping problems.

Based on texts written by Stéphane Tournu-Romain, artists have been meeting young people for more than twenty-five years in order to inform and fight against all forms of discrimination or addiction.

When you “smoke yourself every day”

The show, where everyone is invited to come on stage, is a series of skits and debates leaving everyone their free will. The spirit is to inform and raise awareness in a dialogue where respect and tolerance are omnipresent.

Here, no judgment, the explanations provided, the exchanges use everyday words: “shit”, weed”, THC, “bad trip”, and talk about crack, cocaine to evoke the products and the effects sought or induced during from occasional use or when “smoking every day”.

The subject also deals with the parallel economy and the criminal networks behind a “simple joint”. The reality is uncompromising when GHB, MDMA or “love drug” are cited. Alcohol is not forgotten.

Christèle Devernois, high school nurse, initiated this action. At the end of the show, she interacts with a few students who are chatting among themselves in front of the room. Everyone reacts differently to the scope of the session. Strong opinions are expressed and then nuanced during the discussion. Everyone says that the action is “interesting and useful”, but the students admit “to not having learned anything new on the subject”. However, no one was indifferent. Obviously, and Christèle Devernois knows it, the debate must continue.

The prefectures, the Ministry of Health and the UNFP are the main financiers.



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