Strasbourg: Prcic wants Vieira

THE 02/05/2024 9:21 p.m.

Shelved by Patrick Vieira, Sanjin Prcic (30 years old) terminated his contract with Strasbourg last month. A departure in anonymity for the Bosnian community who had difficulty digesting the end of their adventure in Alsace.

“When I arrived a little after the others at the summer preparation, because I had been in the selection. The coach told me that he was counting on me, that my qualities suited his style of play, that I was going to be an executive. And two days before the end of the transfer window, Loc Désir (the recruitment manager, editor’s note) came to see me that I had to find another club. At the time, I was very surprised. “I don’t understand what’s going on. I never imagined that someone would try to make me leave the club. I didn’t want to leave like that in football,” said the veteran. Rennes player at Latest News from Alsace.

“When you are deprived of your passion, you don’t experience it well. I did my job and then I went home, added Prcic. Termination is a chain of many things, the behavior of each person others, which made me think that it was better to say stop. I don’t want to add more, there’s no point in going into details, there was no point in continuing. ‘is all.”

(By Youcef Touaitia)



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