End “lifetime” social housing: are HLM tenants really “too rich” in Grand ?

End “lifetime” social housing: are HLM tenants really “too rich” in Grand ?
End of “lifetime” social housing: are HLM tenants really “too rich” in Grand Poitiers?

In , will some tenants have to leave their HLM? On April 11, the government announced that it wanted to put an end to the principle “for life” social housing. In interview with the newspaper Les Echosthe Minister for Housing insisted on the need to remove tenants with excessively high incomes to meet the strong demand for social housing. Guillaume Kasbarian particularly targeted tenants who have “well exceeded the income ceilings”. According to the minister, more than 8% of HLM tenants would no longer be eligible for social housing if they applied for one today. But in Vienna, very few tenants could, in reality, be pushed out.

Only 46 tenants affected

Of the 11,500 social housing units owned by Ekidom in Grand , only a minority of occupants exceed the income ceiling. Barely 3.7% of tenants are no longer eligible for their social housing, or 437 people. Among them, some would not be affected by the reform, notably residents of priority neighborhoods and those over 65. Thus, only 46 tenants could have to leave their accommodation.

With its measure, the government explains that it wants “speed up queues” and meet the high demand. “But that won’t work, that’s not what’s going to address the current housing crisis”, estimates the president of Ekidom, Elisabeth Naveau-Diop. If the reform is implemented, few social housing units will ultimately be recovered, “this is a way around the problem”she adds.

Build more social housing

The president of the social landlord of Grand Poitiers especially insists on the need to build more social housing. “Today, we need to produce 200,000 housing units per year in to meet needs, explains Elisabeth Naveau-Diop. There, we are talking about a few thousand housing units which will be recovered, with enormous management costs for landlords, I fear that we will waste a lot of energy in not responding to the real housing crisis.”.

For now, barely 250 social housing units are built each year in Vienna when more than 9,000 people are waiting to get one. The social housing reform bill should be presented to the Council of Ministers in May, before being examined by the Senate in June.



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