a street in Châteauneuf closed due to a building in danger

An intervention to secure the facade of a building threatening danger leads to the total closure of rue du Cygne-Châteauneuf in Châtellerault from Friday May 3 to Sunday May 5, 2024, according to a news flash from the community on its various sites.

A basket to the rescue

The City explains: “Using a basket requires closing the track. »

This work will have impacts: closure to traffic of rue du Cygne-Châteauneuf, diversion for all vehicles (except buses) via rue d’Antran, avenue de Richelieu and rue d’Avaucourt, diversion for buses via the Quai d’Alsace-Lorraine, Rue de Verdun, Avenue de Richelieu and Rue d’Avaucourt.

The town of Châtellerault has several old buildings and makes a point of processing all reports of buildings threatening ruin with the signing of danger orders.

The building in danger.
© (Photo Denys Frétier)

Power of the mayor

These procedures for ordering danger, whether ordinary or imminent, fall within the police power of the mayor. To protect the inhabitants of a building in danger and/or passers-by, the community can request work and replace the owner if necessary.

The use of a basket to secure this building requires the closure of the road, announces the City.
© (Photo Denys Frétier)




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