Around 200 to 300 people gathered for the May 1 demonstration in Calais

Un grand soleil welcomes some 200 to 300 demonstrators in the streets of Calais. Departing from the town hall, Wednesday May 1, the flags of the CGT, Sud and CFDT accompany the demonstrators in their march. Almost surprise guests, the Palestinian flags. “ Even if we condemn the horrors of Hamas, there is an entire population suffering », Explains Éric Lhirondelle, of the local CGT union. A statement from France Palestine is to be expected.

Within the procession, the Prysmians and the collective of employees’ wives are well represented. “ We are apparently waiting for good news, but we cannot say anything about it at the moment », Confirms Grégory Agneray, CGT union delegate.

2023 still in our minds

The dark year of employment that was 2023 is still very much present in the minds of the demonstrators. Thirty Prysmian employees are still waiting for a retraining option. A fight for employment in which the unions intend to participate, confirms Éric Lhirondelle.

At 10:40 a.m., the procession arrives in the quiet Place Crève-coeur.

WhatsApp Image 2024-05-01 at 10.41.18 (2).jpegWhatsApp Image 2024-05-01 at 10.41.18 (2).jpeg

The convergence of struggles, yes, but not too much

If the representative of the local union opens the way for the representation of France Palestine, some teeth grind in the procession. “ We want to welcome them to the demonstration, but it’s not the main subject of the day, they need to realize that », Said in substance one of the CGT flocked red jackets.

The speeches arrive. Valentin De Poorter, from Calais la Sociale, announces that the collective will bring together Calais employees in cafes to establish an action plan for “ that our class can take power “. From the May Day march to the mayoral race, there is only one step… that the Calaisian journalist and activist does not take. For now ?

On Place Crèvecœur, during the following speeches, women took center stage. The figures for suffering at work and gender inequalities at work are recounted in front of the audience under the blazing sun. They denounce the deaths at work and the “Macron” orders which established the CHSCT, which removed criteria of arduousness at work. A word for Calais, who saw “ its finest industrial jewels bled, even sacrificed “.



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