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Toulouse. 20 years later, singer Claude Sicre returns to the stage for an intimate concert

Toulouse. 20 years later, singer Claude Sicre returns to the stage for an intimate concert
Toulouse. 20 years later, singer Claude Sicre returns to the stage for an intimate concert


Gabriel Kennedy

Published on

Jul 6, 2024 at 2:22 PM

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Here is a Toulouse figure back on stage! Claude Sicre, ex-singer of the Fabulous Troubadourswill be in concert at Flahsback CaféMonday July 8, 2024, at Toulouse.

In Toulouse before the Francofolies

And it’s a sacred event since the Toulousain – retired for many years in Saint-Antonin-de-Noble-Val (Tarn-et-Garonne) – has not given a single concert for almost two decades.

“I’m going to play Francofolies from La Rochelle, on July 12, and I wanted to do this concert in Toulouse, in order to prepare myself. It’s been 20 years since I stopped performing, with the Fabulous Troubadors. Now, I’m back with a new project and a new group,” says Claude Sicre.

At the Francos, Claude Sicre will perform at La Coursive, and will precede another Toulousain, Yvan Cujious, who will perform with Louis Winsberg to pay tribute to Claude Nougaro.

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A new album in preparation

This return to the stage is not really a coincidence for the former bigwig of the Arnaud-Bernard district. The creator of the Forom des langues, a fervent defender of the Occitan language and culture, is in fact quietly preparing a return… solo!

“Bleu Citron and Francis Cabrel offered to produce my solo album four years ago. They left me alone and I was able to do exactly what I wanted. So we’re preparing a double album with lots of oddities inside. There will be songs, a tale, spoken stories, sung farces, rural blues… It will be an anti-commercial record,” announces Claude Sicre.

No release date is known at this time.

“A little Fabulous side”

So, what can we expect on stage at the Flashback Café in Toulouse for the return of Claude Sicre (to whom Francis Cabrel paid a vibrant tribute in his song, “Un pièce de Sicre”)?

“On stage, I would be accompanied byAurélie Neuvillethe singer of Bombes de Bal, Morgan Astruca guitarist from Toulouse who plays flamenco, and Aurelien Calvo, a trombonist and beatmaker. On stage, he’ll play with the machines! There’s always a little Fabulous side to my music. I play guitar, flute, string tambourine… And a Sicre side, too.” Definitely!

Practical information
Claude Sicre in concert at the Flashback Café, Monday July 8, 2024. Prices: €12. More information on the Bleu Citron website.

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