the music industry files a complaint against two start-ups

the music industry files a complaint against two start-ups
the music industry files a complaint against two start-ups

The major record labels launched lawsuits on Monday (June 24) against two musical artificial intelligence (AI) start-ups, accusing them of having used copyrighted songs to develop their technologies, adding to the numerous similar complaints filed by other artists against generative AI companies.

The Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA), which notably represents Sony Music Entertainment, Universal Music Group (UMG) and Warner Records, filed a separate complaint against Suno and Udio, two tools that allow you to generate music from a simple query in everyday language (prompt).

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Reaction of those concerned

These two “unlicensed services claim that it is right to copy an artist’s work and exploit it for their own benefit without consent or compensation”said RIAA CEO Mitch Glazier, quoted in a press release. « They are delaying the promise of truly innovative AI for us all”he continued, emphasizing that his association “already collaborating with responsible developers to build AI tools that are built to last, centered on human creativity and that put artists and songwriters in control”.

Neither Suno nor Uncharted Labs, the developer of Udio, immediately responded to requests from AFP.

Several complaints

Numerous authors, visual artists, engineers and newspapers have filed complaints since last year against various generative AI companies, accusing them of using their works or work to train their AI models capable of producing text , images, code or information upon request.

The subject was also at the heart of the historic mobilization of Hollywood screenwriters and actors last summer and fall, and recently blocked negotiations between UMG and TikTok to find a new licensing agreement.

After three months of impasse, the social network committed in early May to removing all content generated without authorization by AI.

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