Eurovision: Slimane cuts interview short after question about Israel

Do you have a message for Israeli viewers?” This is the question that was asked to Slimane during a photocall the day before the Eurovision grand final. The singer who represented France was visibly uncomfortable.

When the journalist asks him this question, he turns to his team, evading the question. Alexandra Redde-Amiel, the head of entertainment at France 2, intervenes by saying “no no“. The singer of the song “Mon amour” then suddenly leaves the interview. The sequence sparked a lot of comments on social networks.

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Internet users are mixed about the artist’s reaction. Some believe he made the right choice and others think he should have taken a stand.

In another excerpt, the singer gives his opinion on the song by Eden Golan, the Israeli singer: “I really like the song. She sings very well and is a good artist.”

The singer’s entourage denounces manipulation: “In the video, the first question is missing. Asked about the Israeli song, Slimane says it is a message of peace. Then, he is asked a second question which he does not understand, because his level of English is not very good. He looks for help, but is told he has to go. It’s really very unfair what’s happening to him with a false interpretation of this video. It’s manipulation“, we read on Jean-Marc Morandini’s website.

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