The entrepreneur’s manual for mastering the art of “reunionitis”

The entrepreneur’s manual for mastering the art of “reunionitis”
The entrepreneur’s manual for mastering the art of “reunionitis”

Mastering the art of “reunionitis” is not as easy as you might think. This is a true art that will take practice to achieve. Let’s dive (with humor) into the entrepreneur’s manual.

The pre-meeting morning coffee ritual

The entrepreneur’s day invariably begins with the ritual of pre-meeting morning coffee. It’s like a sacred ceremony where the entrepreneur prepares his magic potion to face “reunionitis”. The cup of coffee becomes the indispensable ally, ensuring that the entrepreneur enters the meeting room with the perfect dose of caffeinated motivation. It’s the fuel that turns yawns into laughter and sighs into smiles.

Developing the visual attack plan

Before each meeting, the entrepreneur masters the art of developing the visual plan of attack. Armed with complex charts, graphs and diagrams, he creates a presentation worthy of a chief architect. The meeting room then becomes the scene of an epic visual presentation, with the entrepreneur in the spotlight. It’s a show where every slide is an act, and every chart is a magic trick.

Entering the theater stage

The entrepreneur’s entry onto the theatrical stage is a key moment. The door opens with comical solemnity, and the entrepreneur enters like a movie star. Eyes converge, smartphones are put away, and it’s the start of the “reunionitis” spectacle. With a touch of drama, the entrepreneur captivates his audience, ready to deliver a memorable performance.

The language of acronyms

“Réunionite” is a language in its own right, and the entrepreneur has mastered the art of the language of acronyms. Each word is abbreviated, each expression is condensed into a series of mysterious letters. It’s like a secret code that makes every meeting as exciting as an episode of a detective series. The entrepreneur juggles acronyms like a detective with clues, gradually unraveling the mystery of the agenda.

Interjections of approval

Interjections of approval become a synchronized choreography. “hmm”, “ah”, and “of course” are the key movements of this verbal dance. The entrepreneur, like an orchestra conductor, guides the meeting with rhythmic interjections, marking the tempo of the discussion. It is a symphony of sounds that punctuates each agenda item, transforming simple words into a harmonious, collaborative melody.

The grand finale of the agenda

Every meeting climaxes with the grand finale of the agenda. The entrepreneur, after juggling complex subjects and heated discussions, concludes the meeting with a perfect mastery of the art of closing debates. It’s like a masterful performance where every point is resolved brilliantly, leaving the audience impressed and satisfied. This is the moment to find your temporary resolution, until the next meeting.

The Epic Quest for Stable Wi-Fi

At the heart of every meeting, the entrepreneur embarks on an epic quest to find the holy grail of stable Wi-Fi. Armed with his smartphone like a modern knight, he roams the corridors and corners of the company in search of the perfect signal. It’s a thrilling adventure where every connection bar is a treasure to hunt for, and every hotspot is an oasis in the digital wilderness.

Coffee breaks that become impromptu brainstorming sessions

Coffee breaks take an unexpected turn when the entrepreneur finds himself in the middle of impromptu brainstorming sessions. Between two sips of coffee, ideas burst forth like fireworks, and passionate discussions transform the coffee machine into a creative arena. It’s a delicious blend of caffeine and inspiration, where the best ideas are often born in the relaxed atmosphere of coffee breaks.

Surreal discussions about office supplies

In the world of “meetingitis,” even discussions about office supplies take a surreal turn. What was supposed to be a simple conversation about pens and post-its turns into a philosophical debate about the very existence of paper clips. Passionate arguments and absurd digressions make every meeting an unpredictable and hilarious adventure.

Mastering this art is a daily challenge for the modern entrepreneur. So, don’t hesitate to start your training.



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