2 million euros at stake

2 million euros at stake
2 million euros at stake

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Lotto draw result for Monday May 6, 2024

A new prize pool amounting to 2 million was put into play for this lotto result for Monday May 6, 2024 by Française des Jeux. Normally, during the last lottery draw, the jackpot was won. And therefore the maximum that it is possible to win with the winning numbers of Monday May 6, 2024 is therefore the minimum. As usual, you will be able to find all the results of the lotto draw for Monday May 6, 2024 in this article once the draw has been validated by Française des Jeux.

Moreover, once the jackpot for this lotto result of Monday May 6, 2024 has been won, you can think about how you are going to spend this money. For example, you will be able to buy 44,444 handbags at a price of 45 euros. Or even 100,000 tubes of sunscreen at the price of 20 euros.

Naturally, the list of things it is possible to do by winning the lotto result for Monday May 6, 2024 thanks to the winning lotto numbers for Monday May 6, 2024, it doesn’t stop there. Why not buy 90,909 books?

During the last lotto draw on Monday May 6, 2024, the jackpot of 2 million euros was put into play and won, which sets the minimum amount for this draw.

The results show that, during this draw, 4 players walked away with 235,193.60 euros. Additionally, 66 players won 57,380.20 euros, and 666 won 206,992.80 euros in total winnings. Finally, 480,022 players saw their stake refunded, allowing them to try their luck again.

Lotto results from Monday May 6, 2024


This result is not yet known
Results will be available around 9:00 p.m.

Warning: Gambling presents risks (addiction, isolation, financial losses). If you have any problems, do not hesitate to consult a professional. The site www.joueurs-info-service.fr allows you to listen and receive support. A telephone number is also available:



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