Local firefighters launch a historic initiative for the health of workers

Local firefighters launch a historic initiative for the health of workers
Local firefighters launch a historic initiative for the health of workers

Hell and Back, pioneer in protection for professionals facing high-risk environments, is proud to announce the launch, at the end of May, of an innovative project dedicated to improving the health and well-being of firefighters and others workers exposed to risks of contamination by harmful particles. This proposal marks decisive progress in the fight against professional dangers, thanks to the creation of a range of natural care specially designed for their specific needs. With at least one in six firefighters Affected by occupational cancers during one’s life, this initiative is essential to preserve the health and safety of those who put their lives on the line to protect ours.

The time-honoured expression “Hell and back” (going to hell and back) metaphorically illustrates the extremely perilous situations that firefighters face, risking their lives to save people or protect property. This expression highlights the intense challenges they overcome, such as major fires, extreme heat and dense smoke, symbolizing their exceptional courage and commitment. This expression also constitutes a metaphor for the arduous journey undertaken by these individuals and their resilience to overcome their condition and achieve healing, which perfectly corresponds to the mission that Hell and Back has set itself.

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An unparalleled solution

Hell and Back offers a selection of high-end cosmetic products designed to minimize contamination by fine particles, likely to penetrate the skin when working on fire sites or during other dangerous events. This collection, developed from 100% natural ingredients, offers unique fragrances based on essential oils and exploits the properties of capturing and eliminating contaminants, specific to activated carbon. Suitable for daily use by firefighters, their families and workers in various industrial sectors, these products are formulated to be gentle and non-irritating. Whether it’s the cleansing soap, the detoxifying exfoliant or the moisturizer, each Hell and Back product embodies the same promise: to provide high-quality formulas at an affordable price for superior protection and restorative capacity, both at the barracks than at home.

We take deep pride in our commitment to workplace safety. Every product we develop is the result of a shared passion for the protection and well-being of workers in different sectors. It is essential to recognize and address these critical public health issues now. This is why we are acting with determination to offer concrete responses to the worrying statistics. Our mission is clear: to provide pragmatic solutions that save lives and ensure a future where safety is the norm, not the exception.“, explain Éric Poirier, Christian Hébert and Philippe Côté, co-founders of Hell and Back

Founded by firefighters, Hell and Back goes beyond the simple framework of a company to embody a determined commitment in the fight against cancer, support for families affected by this disease, and the formation of a community of exchange for people who are faced with occupational diseases. With a particular emphasis on raising awareness of the importance of proper decontamination, each product is designed by firefighters, for those who face the same challenges. Hell and Back also collaborates to establish specific routinesensuring optimal daily protection for workers.

Every purchase supports Hell and Back mission, which aims to help firefighters, local organizations and research into occupational diseases. This financial support provides tangible help to affected families by supporting them throughout treatment and makes a significant difference in the lives of those who risk their lives to protect us during their fight.

About Hell and Back

Hell and Back is much more than a range of skin care: they are products that combine innovation and well-being, specifically developed for and by firefighters. The story of Hell and Back began in the barracks, where the alarming realization of the impact of cancer on our colleagues – disproportionately affected by this disease – catalyzed the search for concrete solutions. Today, through its care and mission, Hell and Back is committed to making a significant difference in the lives of firefighters, by offering them not only suitable products, but also essential support in their fight against occupational cancers.



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