Fired by surprise by M6, this presenter adored by the public still does not understand this choice: “There is no meritocracy”

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While Elodie Gossuin admits to being disappointed not to have been chosen to host Le Meilleur Pâtissier (Laetitia Milot will occupy this role), M6 has recently turned against another iconic face of television. In 2020, the channel fired one of the most popular hosts for a reason that completely escapes the main person concerned.

The trailer for season 16 of La France a un incroyable talent. / Fired by surprise by M6, this host adored by the public still does not understand this choice: “There is no meritocracy” © M6, Niviere David/ABACAPRESS.COM

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Following a long career in football, which ended in 2002, David Ginola gradually undertook a reconversion in the media. However, unlike other players, the former star of the French team did not content himself with a role of sports consultant on television.

A beautiful story… without a happy ending for David Ginola

After hosting the show Match of ze day on Canal+, David Ginola joined M6 in 2016 with great ambitions. In addition to bringing a new football show broadcast after each Euro match in France, he found himself at the head of France has an unbelievable talent, The 50 favorite songs of the French, Secret hearing or 30 years of music on M6. We were even able to see him exceptionally participate in an episode of Top Chef.

Unfortunately, while he was fully blossoming in this new role, everything came to an abrupt end in 2020 when the channel terminated his contract. A decision he did not expect and that he still cannot digest today, even though he has found a place on Canal+.

“There is no meritocracy”

Asked in New era On these “financial reasons” which would have pushed the leaders to separate from him, David Ginola declared: “Would my contract have actually made a difference to dividends? of the group ?“And to add, with the same surgical precision as his past strikes: “I didn’t force anyone to pay me. I could even have made concessions if I had been asked“.

Also, even if he believes he has “had great experiences“and that he does not wish to be completely thrown into the soup,”I thank them for that.“, the former PSG player remains bitter about the treatment he received.”In those moments [période du Covid-19 qui avait annulé l’Euro 2020], A real family sticks togetherhe breathed. I didn’t quite understand why I was so disregarded.“.

A failure that deeply affected him, to the point of making him take a step back from the world of television.Unlike football, there is no meritocracy.recalled the French Champion. It’s enough that someone doesn’t like your face, that you’ve said something blunt, for everything to stop, while I had projected myself into this profession“.



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