“We are close to the wall”: Régine Laurent in a last chance operation at Santé Québec

“We are close to the wall”: Régine Laurent in a last chance operation at Santé Québec
“We are close to the wall”: Régine Laurent in a last chance operation at Santé Québec

Régine Laurent, former contributor to the show “Le Bilan”, decided to trade in her idea of ​​retirement for a position on the board of directors of Health Canada with the aim of helping people in the field to provide accessibility to care that Quebecers deserve.

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“In life I tell myself, it’s about choices. I could have stayed on the sidelines and then criticized, but I told myself that maybe within a team [je pourrais] bring my knowledge of the field, of union culture. At least I will be good with myself, I will have tried to contribute,” she explained in a special interview broadcast on the show “Le Bilan”.

Ms. Laurent will be responsible for strategic planning at the Human Resources level, an area forgotten by governments, according to her.

“I have never heard of planning for the people we need to treat, to be in the labs, I have never heard that, but everywhere else we plan, but why can’t we plan our needs in the network and take steps to get there? We cannot relive another tragedy,” she continued.

Despite her desire to move things forward, the former president of the Interprofessional Health Federation (FIQ) however refused to work full time, so that she could fulfill her role as a grandmother.

“I know very well what it means to set up this affair; everyone who is going to be full time is going to work 80 hours a week for the next three years. For me, no, I have already given,” she assured.

Last chance operation

For the nurse, this project must succeed.

“I don’t even want to imagine that we could miss this. In Quebec, the population, we are pacifists, but at some point, they will scream, with good reason! We have money, we have competent people, we have the technology, we have everything we need to make it work,” she proclaimed. “For me, it’s like the last chance […] because if it doesn’t succeed, where are we going?” she added.

Régine Laurent hopes for a change in the consideration of people working in the field as well as in accessibility to care for people in need.

“We are close to the wall, it has to work […] It’s 2024, we can’t still think like we did in 2008,” she proclaimed.



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