Major Japanese milk producer Meiji aims to capture 20% of the Vietnamese market


Major Japanese milk producer Meiji aims to capture 20% of the Vietnamese market

With the aim of facilitating access to Vietnamese consumers, the Japanese milk producer Meiji launched its new balanced nutrition product MeiBalance for adults on May 15, in a 125 ml format, in the province of Bà Ria – Vung Tàu.

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Press conference for the new MeiBalance product, May 15.

The revolutionary product comes from Japanese nutritional giant Meiji, which has 108 years of experience. Meiji has been providing high-quality nutritional products to consumers around the world for over a century, contributing to the well-being of communities for both children and adults.

Kubota Norio, Managing Director of Meiji Food Vietnam SARL, said: “MeiBalance is a nutritional supplement intended for adults. It is particularly recommended for those looking to supplement a balanced diet, including busy people, those suffering from anorexia, with low food intake or nutritional imbalance, as well as those looking to maintain and improve their physical strength by supplementing their nutrition”.

Speaking at the press conference, the Meiji representative added that Meiji’s nutritional products always provide nutritional values ​​to consumers around the world, including Vietnamese.

MeiBalance products were initially launched in Japan in 1995. After nearly 30 years of product distribution experience, MeiBalance has consolidated its leading position in terms of revenue and market share in this sector in the Japanese market, according to a survey published by Intage SRI+ in 2023. It has also won numerous awards in Japan and around the world. This product has become familiar and trusted by many families in Japan and many countries around the world. Therefore, Meiji aims to occupy 20% of the nutrient market in Vietnam by 2029.

Text and photo: Quang Châu/CVN



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