The CAQ unveils its plan to build faster, for less money

The CAQ unveils its plan to build faster, for less money
The CAQ unveils its plan to build faster, for less money

Jonatan Julien and Geneviève Guilbault present today their strategy to accelerate the construction of public infrastructure and reduce its costs.

As explained in an interview given to our Parliamentary Office last Saturday, the bill aimed at the creation of Mobilité Infra Québec (MIQ) is a step towards the realization of the agency project on which Mme Guilbault has been working since his appointment at the helm of the Ministry of Transport and Sustainable Mobility.

Initially made up of 30 to 50 experts, the MIQ agency should first focus on carrying out major public transport projects.

The legislative document tabled by the Deputy Prime Minister, however, confirms that this new specialized team will have the main mission of analyzing, planning and carrying out, at the request of the government, any complex transport project, which could include road projects. .

Mme Guilbault believes that this agency will allow him to “take control of the destiny of public transportation,” by deploying a more national vision in this area.

Julien wants more prefab

For his part, the Minister responsible for Infrastructure Jonatan Julien announces the deployment of the new Quebec Public Infrastructure Strategy.

Mr. Julien revealed, during various events and conferences held in recent weeks, the objective set by his government: to build 25% faster, for 15% less expensive.

To achieve this, Mr. Julien wishes to modify the Act respecting contracts by public bodies and the Infrastructure Act, so as to involve the private sector more in the realization of projects, in particular by sharing more risks.

Mr. Julien also wants to accelerate the government’s process of authorization and monitoring of major projects and reduce the administrative burden on public organizations.

The minister responsible for the Capitale-Nationale is also considering making greater use of prefabrication, for example for the construction of schools.

The two elected officials will hold a press conference at 1 p.m., after submitting their bills to parliament.



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