Don’t be surprised, a test of the “On Alert” system will take place today

Don’t be surprised, a test of the “On Alert” system will take place today
Don’t be surprised, a test of the “On Alert” system will take place today

In Quebec, the system test is scheduled for 1:55 p.m. At this time, television and radio broadcasts will be interrupted by a message, while compatible cell phones will receive an alert in the form of a notification.

However, it will be clearly stated that this is a test and that no emergency situation is in effect.

The “Alert” system is used when an emergency situation must be communicated to the population as a priority. This could be an Amber Alert, the presence of an active shooter, or the imminent arrival of a dangerous weather system, for example.

Two tests are usually carried out each year: one in the spring and the other in the fall. The tests validate the effectiveness and reliability of the system, but also increase public awareness of alerts.

Canadians who encounter problems with the system or who would like to provide comments will be invited to do so after the test by completing a survey available on the site

On Wednesday, Public Safety Canada will test its system in British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Quebec, New Brunswick, Newfoundland and Labrador, Nunavut and Yukon.

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In Manitoba, the Northwest Territories, Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island, the provincial system will be tested.

In Ontario, the test will instead take place next Wednesday.

Time for the “On Alert” system test scheduled for Wednesday, still according to local time:

– Alberta: 11:55 a.m.

– British Columbia: 10:55 a.m.

– Prince Edward Island: 12:55 p.m.

– Manitoba: 1:55 p.m.

– New Brunswick: 2:55 p.m.

– Nova Scotia: 1:55 p.m.

– Nunavut: 1:55 p.m.

– Quebec: 1:55 p.m.

– Saskatchewan: 11:55 a.m.

– Newfoundland and Labrador: 3:25 p.m.

– Northwest Territories: 9:55 a.m.

– Yukon: 10:55 a.m.

– Ontario: No testing Wednesday. The tryout will take place on May 15 at 12:55 p.m.



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