This actor from the cult series has lost 22 kilos! (PICTURES)

A little more than ten years after the end of the series, this actor of breaking Bad appears completely transformed after an impressive weight loss. He opened up about the rumors about his diet…

In 2013, series fans around the world had to say goodbye to one of the most significant fictions of the 2010s: breaking Bad. First launched by the American broadcaster AMC in 2008, then taken over by Netflix until its termination, the series followed for five seasons Bryan Cranston in the role of Walter White and Aaron Paul in that of Jesse Pinkman, a pair that became real television phenomenon. And the last season was notably marked by the arrival of the character of Todd, played by Jesse Plemons, a methamphetamine manufacturer in Vamonos Pest on behalf of Walter and Jesse. If, since then, Kirsten Dunst’s husband has also distinguished himself in the science fiction series Black Mirror, it was especially in the cinema that his career accelerated. It is currently showing in Kinds of Kindness by Yorgos Lanthimos.

Jesse Plemons: the impressive weight loss of the actor breaking Bad

Aged 36, Jesse Plemons has lost nearly 22 kilos. The actor first explained to our colleagues at Los Angeles Times that the context was not ideal for this weight loss. “It’s really unfortunate that I decided to get healthy when everyone else decided to take Ozempic (drug intended to treat diabetes, diverted in the United States for intensive weight loss, editor’s note). But that doesn’t matter, everyone would have thought I took Ozempic anyway“, he explained. “But, for me, the problem wasn’t my appearance but the fact that I was getting older and wanted to take care of my health. I had worked on myself to manage not to fixate on the size I was.

How did Jesse Plemons lose 50 pounds in one year?

The actor continued: “Several people told me about intermittent fasting so I wanted to give it a try and I was surprised by the quick effects it had on me.” he detailed. “I felt like I was back into the rhythm, I felt better and something changed in my state of mind. I felt really comfortable with this new rhythm.

Jesse Plemons in 2022 WALTER / BESTIMAGE


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