The actor Laurent Lafitte buys his portrait as Cyrano from a sculptor from Cherbourg

By Juliette Voisin
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May 8, 24 at 5:22 p.m.

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It’s a rockit’s a peakit’s a cape. It’s a false nose that Laurent Lafitte wore for five months for the needs of his character Cyrano de Bergeracwhich he played in the eponymous play of the Comédie-Française directed by Emmanuel Daumas.

Laurent Lafitte as Cyrano

The actor will keep a memory of his last role, which earned him a nomination for Molières 2024on the planches from the Richelieu Hall. The actor has in fact announced that he is leaving the Comédie-Française of which he has been a resident since 2012.

Christine Larivière, the sculptor from Cherbourg-en-Cotentin (Manche), gave him a bust which represents the actor with the features of Cyrano de Bergerac.

I also work as a makeup artist. During the five months and 52 performances, I took care of fitting Laurent Lafitte’s prosthetic false nose.

Christine Larivière (Sculptor)

Inspiredthe sculptor therefore decided to create a portrait of Laurent Lafitte and he took it bought.

The bust of actor Laurent Lafitte as Cyrano de Bergerac was created by Manchoise Christine Larivière. ©DR

” I’m happy “

If we recognize Laurent Lafitte, his nose on the other hand is that of the character ofEdmond Rostand. “ I gave him a serious and painful lookwhich contrasts with the solar personality by Laurent Lafitte. I’m very happy to have done it that way and that he found it beautiful. »

A little more patience for the actor and humorist before being able to display it at home! Barely acquired, the work has already returned to the moulder. “ It was made of terracotta but after a little patina problem, it will be redone in plaster», slipsthe artist .

The bust of actor Laurent Lafitte as Cyrano de Bergerac was created by Manchoise Christine Larivière. ©DR

Not his first production for the Comédie-Française

It’s not not the first achievement de la Manchoise for the Théâtre-Français.

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L’ cultural institution had bought him three busts of actors from the Troupe: Florence Viala in the role of Madeleine Béjart, Serge Bagdassarian in that of Du Croisy and Clément Bresson as Molière in the show Jean-Baptiste, Madeleine, Armande and the others.

Christine Larivière is at the origin of the sculptures other “stars”of Cotentin: Prévert and Trauner in Omonville-la-Petite or even busts of Millet ,Barbey-d’Aurevilly and ofTocqueville exposed on theesplanade of Secularismin Cherbourg.

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