Will the RN join the new European far-right group launched by Viktor Orban?

Will the RN join the new European far-right group launched by Viktor Orban?
Will the RN join the new European far-right group launched by Viktor Orban?

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The Hungarian leader and his allies have gathered enough elected representatives to form a new group on the far right of the European Parliament. Will the RN strengthen this alliance?


The far-right Patriots for Europe faction, launched by Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban, has won crucial support to force its way into the European Parliament.

The Danish People’s Party and the Flemish nationalists of the Vlaams Belang are the latest to announce their departure from the existing Identity and Democracy (ID) group to join the new alliance.

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Orban’s project thus benefits from decisive support to meet the EU criteria – bringing together 23 MEPs from 7 member states – to form an independent group, which goes hand in hand with various financial and procedural advantages.

ID drained, Orban’s alliance is on the rise

The National Rally should decide on Monday, the day after the second round of early legislative elections in France, on joining Patriots for Europe. The departure of the elected Le Penists would jeopardize the future of ID.

According to people close to the negotiations, the party of Marine Le Pen and Jordan Bardella is expected to endorse the alliance. If all RN MEPs decide to join the bloc, that would bring its membership to 86.

Mr Orbán announced the creation of Patriots for Europe on June 30, with the Freedom Party of Austria (FPÖ) et AGAINa Czech populist party.

Since then, other far-right political groups have announced their support:

  • the Freedom Party (PVV) of Dutch Geert Wilders,
  • the Portuguese of He arrives,
  • the spanish party Vox.

Another ID tenor, the leader of the Ligue Matteo Salvini also said he was ready to join the “Patriots for Europe”, adding that the official announcement should come “shortly“.

With Patriots for Europe, Viktor Orban wants to take the lead of the EU’s hard right and become the fourth or even third largest group in the European Parliament.

Hungary took over the rotating EU presidency this month, and on Friday Mr Orban flew unannounced to his European counterparts to Moscow for talks with Vladimir Putin about the war in Ukraine.

Brussels leaders were quick to condemn the visit, stressing that the Hungarian prime minister represented only himself and not all 27.

There is until Monday to present the list of groups that will make up the next European Parliament.



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