Joe Biden denies withdrawal and confirms he is running for re-election

Joe Biden denies withdrawal and confirms he is running for re-election
Joe Biden denies withdrawal and confirms he is running for re-election

The current President of the United States, whose candidacy for re-election is criticized even within his own camp, appeared calm on Friday July 5 about his future victory.

“I am running and I will win again,” said Joe Biden in a very offensive speech this Friday, July 5 in Wisconsin, a key state in the Great Lakes region.

“I’m still in the race. I’m going to beat Donald Trump,” declared the American president, who has been fighting for his political survival since a failed debate on June 27 against his Republican predecessor.

“They’re trying to push me out. Let me say it very clearly: I’m still in the race” for the White House, he insisted in front of a thousand supporters, according to his campaign team.

It was a completely different Joe Biden on Friday, combative and determined, but also helped by prompters, who tried to respond head-on to concerns about his age.

“You think I’m too old to beat Donald Trump?” he asked, to which the audience responded with a resounding “No!”


The Democrat, who left the stage to the sound of a song titled “I won’t back down,” also pointed out the inconsistencies of his rival, whose age and mental acuity are not the subject of such intense attention.

“If you’re wondering if Trump is sane, have you ever heard how he explained the Fourth of July when he was president?” asked Joe Biden, referring to American independence, proclaimed on July 4, 1776.

He reported that his Republican opponent had explained the victory in the War of Independence by the British taking control of airports, which obviously did not exist at that time.

“It’s true, he’s a completely stable genius,” the American president said ironically, repeating an expression that his rival had used to praise his own intelligence.

“What’s at stake in this election is our freedom. It’s our democracy. It’s the very soul of America. Are you ready to fight for it? I know I am,” Joe Biden proclaimed again.

Behind him in the audience, clearly visible during the television broadcast, a spectator carried a sign reading: “Pass the torch, Joe.”

One of Donald Trump’s closest advisers, Jason Miller, responded ironically on X to this particularly energetic performance: “Your team should have used the same dosage (of drugs) during the debate.”

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