British teacher sentenced to six and a half years in prison for sex with two students

British teacher sentenced to six and a half years in prison for sex with two students
British teacher sentenced to six and a half years in prison for sex with two students

After being arrested the first time, the teacher reoffended with a second high school student. They had unprotected sex and she became pregnant.

A teacher, accused of having sexual relations with two students when they were still minors, has been sentenced to six and a half years in prison by a court in Manchester (north-west England), report British media including the BBC.

The teacher, who had a child from one of these relationships, however, denied any sexual activity with the first teenager and explained that she had sex with the second after he left the establishment.

In passing sentence, the judge told the teacher: “There is a breathtaking arrogance in your conduct. You were the adult. You were the person in control, the person who should have known better and who the school and the boys, and their parents, trusted to look after their sons.

“Instead, you abused this position of trust and exploited this privileged role for your own sexual gratification,” she added.

Secret meeting

Rebecca Joynes, 30, joined the high school where the two teenagers attended in 2018. The former gymnast said she had suffered a difficult breakup after a nine-year relationship. She said she found herself alone during the Covid pandemic and was “flattered” by the attention from boys at school, who nicknamed her Joynes “Bunda [argot pour fesses] Becky”. The exchanges began on Snapchat with naughty messages.

When they met, the first boy lied to his mother, saying he was staying at a friend’s house to play video games after school on a Friday. The teacher picked him up near his house and then took him to her house, where they kissed and then had sex twice. The next day, the boy’s mother noticed a hickey on her son’s neck. Rumours began to circulate, and she stormed into the school reception area. The police were notified. The teacher was suspended from her job and warned not to have unsupervised contact with anyone under the age of 18 while the police investigated.


However, she began a relationship with a second high school student, having unprotected sex. The teacher had explained that she could not have children. However, the young man learned that she was pregnant at a party at her house, a day before the teacher was arrested.

In his statement to the court, the teenager explained that he had been “completely in denial” about the abuse. He also said he felt like he was “betraying” her by testifying.

He continued: “I questioned whether I was right to make statements about the woman who was carrying my child. Since then, I have gone over a lot of things in my head and spoken to a lot of people, and it has made me realise the extent of the abuse she committed against me and the tactics she used to achieve it.”

“I was coerced, controlled, manipulated, sexually and mentally abused,” he said. The boy, who said he left school with excellent grades, said the abuse “tore my family apart” as they struggled to come to terms with what had happened.

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