Raw-dogging: the new pastime that pushes the limits of airplane passengers

Raw-dogging: the new pastime that pushes the limits of airplane passengers
Raw-dogging: the new pastime that pushes the limits of airplane passengers

For some time now, a trend has been making waves on the web: raw-dogging. Contrary to its definition in slang, it is not sexual intercourse without a condom, but rather “of a pure experience of air travel, without support or convenience.”

A new hobby for passengers on the plane? For a few days now, Tiktok and Instagram have been showing videos of people practicing raw-dogging. Internet users film themselves sitting without doing anything, on the plane. What is this new trend that is all the rage?

What is raw dogging?

On the plane, passengers are equipped with all the necessary equipment to kill time: music, books, films… Today, the trend is reversed. Travelers take advantage of their flight to do nothing. Strictly. They don’t drink water, eat, move, or go to the bathroom. Even during flights of more than 5 hours. In fact, an Australian musician nicknamed Torrent Foot actually experienced this during a 15-hour flight, where he neither listened to music nor watched a movie. To entertain himself, he had to count to a million.


There’s levels to this

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Where does this trend come from?

But who came up with the idea of ​​raw-dogging? According to the site the essential, This trend is said to have its origins in the series Hijack, broadcast on Apple TV+. In the episodes, the viewer follows the character of Sam Nelson who finds himself stuck for seven hours on a plane, due to a hijacking. He is therefore forced to give up all comfort and movement. Since then, the series has inspired many influencers who are trying to reproduce the situation.

An effect on health?

Although this practice has gone viral, that doesn’t mean it should be replicated, especially since it goes to against health instructions put in place on the plane, reports the Journal des Femmes. Indeed, “it is recommended to move regularly during a flight and good to hydrate since the atmosphere is particularly dry at high altitudes and the effects of dehydration can be dangerous.”the media specifies.

So, a little piece of advice, don’t try raw dogging.

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