new “massive” Russian attack on energy infrastructure

new “massive” Russian attack on energy infrastructure
new “massive” Russian attack on energy infrastructure

The Ukrainian Ministry of Energy reported this Saturday, June 22, a new “massive” Russian attack on energy infrastructure in the west and south of the country.

Russian armed forces launched a new “massive” attack on energy infrastructure in western and southern Ukraine on the night of Friday June 21 to Saturday June 22, the Ukrainian Energy Ministry said.

“Facilities of Ukrenergo (Ukrainian operator) in the regions of Zaporizhia (south) and Lviv (west) were damaged,” added the ministry, specifying that two employees had been injured and hospitalizeds in Zaporizhia.

According to the ministry, this is the eighth “massive” attack on Ukrainian power plants in the last three months, which has forced the imposition of frequent power cuts, as the electricity network struggles to withstand targeted strikes by Russians.

Half of the country’s energy capacity destroyed

Ukrainian authorities indicated Thursday that energy infrastructure, including a power station, had been damaged by a major nighttime Russian attack which left seven of their employees injured.

Russia, by increasing its attacks, has destroyed half of Ukraine’s energy capacity, according to Volodymyr Zelensky. Ukraine’s president called Thursday for installing solar panels and energy storage units “in every school and in every hospital, as soon as possible.”

The risk of a “serious crisis this winter”

The general director of the DTEK operator, Maxime Timchenko, warned that Ukraine risked being “faced with a serious crisis this winter” if its Western partners did not mobilize.

kyiv is urging the latter to help it rebuild its electricity network, a project which requires significant investment, and to provide it with more air defense equipment to counter Russian bombings.

In this context, Washington “made the difficult but necessary decision” to now give priority to Ukraine over other allies in the supply of missiles used for anti-aircraft defense.

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