War in Ukraine, day 848 | Washington will favor Ukraine in matters of anti-aircraft defense

(Kyiv) The United States will now favor Ukraine in the delivery of missiles intended for anti-aircraft defense, this country suffering from “massive” Russian strikes on its energy installations which are causing growing electricity shortages.

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Faced with this situation, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky called on Thursday to install solar panels and energy storage units “in every school and in every hospital, as soon as possible.” “Regional military administrations have been tasked with overseeing these measures at the local level,” he added.

The previous night, a power plant and other infrastructure were damaged by a major Russian attack that left seven employees injured, according to Ukrainian authorities.

It was the seventh “massive” attack against such sites in three months, deplored the operator DTEK, which forced the imposition of frequent power cuts.

Priority to Ukraine

In this context, Washington has “made the difficult, but necessary decision” to now give priority to Ukraine over other allies in the supply of missiles used for anti-aircraft defense.

As a result, exports to other countries of Patriot and NASAMS missiles in particular will be “delayed,” National Security Council spokesperson John Kirby explained Thursday, saying the move “would not affect Taiwan.”

This official specified that this priority given to the replenishment of Ukraine’s stocks would be in force for sixteen months and that then postponed deliveries would resume to other countries.

A few hours earlier, Romania had promised Kyiv a Patriot system.

“I am deeply grateful” to American President Joe Biden, reacted Volodymyr Zelensky, who also thanked Bucharest, repeating that “we need (these weapons) so much to respond to Russian attacks”.


Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky

At the same time, Russian head of state Vladimir Putin, visiting Vietnam, warned that South Korea’s direct arms shipment to Ukraine would be a “very serious mistake,” threatening Seoul with retaliatory measures in the event of a decision in this direction and confiding “not to rule out” the possibility of sending weapons to North Korea.

Sites targeted in Ukraine

“The Russians attacked one of DTEK’s thermal power plants,” the company said in a statement Thursday, adding that three of its employees were injured by these nighttime strikes which caused “serious damage.”

The Energy Ministry said “a number” of energy installations had been targeted in four regions, including Kyiv.

In total, “seven employees were injured”, one of whom is in serious condition, he continued, referring to “destroyed” equipment, without giving further details.

A technician was also injured when his team, which was working on a power line in the eastern region of Donetsk, found itself “under Russian fire,” added the same source.

The Russian Defense Ministry on Thursday claimed responsibility for a “grouped strike” against Ukrainian energy infrastructure, ensuring that “all” targets had been hit and that it was a “response” to the bombings of similar Russian sites.

Russia, by increasing this type of operation, has destroyed half of Ukraine’s energy capacity, said Mr. Zelensky.

DTEK Director General Maxim Timchenko warned of the risk that Ukraine would “face a serious crisis this winter” if its Western partners did not mobilize to help it rebuild its electricity network, a project which requires significant investments.

Strikes in Russia too

In Russia, several oil depots were targeted by Ukrainian drones during the night from Wednesday to Thursday, as well as the town of Slaviansk-on-Kuban, in the Krasnodar region (southwest), where a woman lost his life, according to the regional governor, Veniamin Kondratiev.

A fire broke out in an oil refinery in the republic of Adygea (southwest) “following a drone attack”, announced Governor Mourat Koumpilov.

A tank also caught fire Thursday morning at a major oil refinery in Platonovka, in the Tambov region (center), “probably” because of a drone, acknowledged Governor Maxim Egorov.

The Ukrainian security services (SBU) are behind the attacks on the two refineries, a source within the SBU told AFP.

These facilities “processed and stored raw materials and finished products which were then used by the Russian military,” according to the source, who predicted more attacks of this type in the future.

Russia, for its part, continues to bomb regions close to the front line, in the south and east of Ukraine, causing several deaths and injuries, particularly in the Donetsk region, where the fighting is very intense. .



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