I demand recognition of my noble gender by the French State

I demand recognition of my noble gender by the French State
I demand recognition of my noble gender by the French State

His Serene Highness Khider de La Foutaise… DR

A contribution from Khider Mesloub – In France, any individual has the possibility of changing their gender. Therefore, the identity of one’s sex indicated on one’s marital status, gender identity designating, “for a person, the intimate, personal and deeply lived experience of one’s gender, whether or not it corresponds to the sex that one has was assigned at birth. This social recognition of gender opens the right to change the mention of sex in civil status documents.

According to the law, to “change the indication of sex on civil status documents”, you just have to “demonstrate that the sex indicated on your civil status does not correspond to that of your social life” (gender identity). So far the request is made to the court.

Apparently the New Popular Front (NFP) is pleading to carry out the procedures for changing gender indication directly at the town hall.

This is good, I too would like to submit a grievance: the recognition of my noble gender by society. And its indication of my marital status. Indeed, I want people to recognize my quality as a nobleman. I belong to the noble family. This blue-blooded race has been at the head of a rich movable heritage and real estate wealth for centuries. “My intimate, personal and deeply lived experience of noble gender does not correspond to the one that was socially assigned to me at birth.”

Generally speaking, gender identity defines a person’s belief that they belong to the female gender even though they were born male and have an identifiable male sexual anatomy. And vice versa. In France, people experiencing “an experience of belonging to the other sex” can request a change in their marital status. To do this, it is no longer necessary to provide a diagnosis of a mental disorder or to have undergone any medical operation. Anyone wishing to change the gender indication on their identity documents must simply declare that they feel like a woman when they are a man or vice versa.

The court takes the person’s word for it.

So I ask readers and my fellow citizens to take my word for it: I belong to the noble family. Of course, I was born into a commoner family, but I always felt like I belonged to the nobility. Since I was a child, I always felt that I was a nobleman. I was different from my school and neighborhood friends, all commoners, of low origin.

I demand that society reintegrate me into my hereditary noble status, my atavistic nobiliary social body, that of the lineage of my noble ancestors designated under the name: La Foutaise. I am the descendant of the barony of La Foutaise.

Although born in Paris into a commoner family of Algerian origin, I have always had the conviction that I am the reincarnation of the noble lineage of La Foutaise.

In my being, as in my feelings, my emotions, my thoughts and my elegant presence, I feel the direct descendant of the De La Foutaise lineage, a great family belonging to the nobility. A noble family once endowed with a huge fiefdom located in Normandy.

I ask that my choice of noble gender be respected. Because the noble genre is a deep and strong feeling, which cannot be controlled and which cannot be chosen. Certainly, this feeling is not in accordance with the commoner gender inherited at my birth on the basis of my social family organs of working-class origin.

Today, after a long phase of social gender exploration, as a noble, I do not recognize myself in the commoner social characteristics defined by modern society. So I ask each of you to avoid judging me based on my commoner appearance. Certainly, on the surface I look like a beggar, but deep down in my personality, I belong to the noble genre.

Moreover, to dispel this identity confusion, I am in the middle of a noble transition. A few more administrative operations and I will become fully noble, recognizable by my wig, my sword and my coat of arms. I am taking advantage of this platform to appeal to the French authorities.

By this grievance, I order the French State, resulting from the ignoble and bloody bourgeois republican counter-revolution of 1789, to return to me my fiefdom, my seigniorial property confiscated from my ancestors by the guillotining Jacobin revolutionaries.

On a daily basis, in all public spaces, I would like to have the right to wear a noble wig, a sword and a coat of arms without being mocked and harassed by certain baronphobic commoner onlookers.

Baronphobia, the hatred of barons, must end. It is scandalous that commoners should attack my noble dignity. I plan to create an association: Stop baronphobia!

I am convinced that there are thousands of us born into the wrong road family who ardently desire to reintegrate our noble social body, our noble natural family.

For my part and the few noble people around me, we suffer terribly from being assigned to this commoner foreign body that we display in public every day, even though we feel noble. We demand to be perceived and considered as noble, even if we belong to the commoners, and we exhibit a patent commoner social condition.

Furthermore, I want the town hall to change my marital status. I no longer want to wear the commoner identity Khider Mesloub, but my authentic and noble identity Edouard Charles de La Foutaise, this identity to which I firmly believe I belong since I made my coming out noble to my commoner family. Moreover, this revelation caused turmoil in my family, to the point of now perceiving me as some kind of individual suffering from a mental disorder. In any case, my commoner family refuses to recognize my noble gender identity. What intolerance! I always knew that commoners are intolerant, especially towards people of the nobility type.

That being said, to honor my nobility, I demand that all commoners in France use the proper vow to address my noble person, bow as I pass as a sign of respect, submission, adoration due to my noble gender.

For my daily travels, I demand that the French State provide me with a carriage equipped with numerous decorations and external signs of nobility to recall my nobility type. Not forgetting a coachman to drive it. A coachman who is not a noblephobe.

Finally, to conclude, I demand that the French authorities pay me a lifelong pension as compensation for the harm suffered by my noble ancestors, the confiscation of their property during the French Revolution; sufferings endured throughout my commoner life, while I always felt like I belonged to the nobility.




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