Russia: American soldier sentenced to prison

Russia: American soldier sentenced to prison
Russia: American soldier sentenced to prison

A court in the Russian Far East announced the sentencing of an American soldier on Wednesday to three years and nine months in prison for death threats and theft.

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In recent years, several American citizens have been arrested and given long sentences in Russia. Washington, which supports kyiv militarily and financially against the Russian army in Ukraine, accuses Moscow of wanting to exchange them for Russians detained in the United States.

Gordon Black, 34, was accused of “beating” his Russian girlfriend, Alexandra Vachchouk, in Vladivostok, and stealing 10,000 rubles, or just over 100 euros, from her.

The Pervomaisky court in Vladivostok sentenced him to three years and nine months in a penitentiary camp for “threatening to murder” Ms. Vachchouk and having “discreetly stole her property – 10,000 rubles,” the court said in a statement.

His lawyers announced to the press their intention to appeal.

The victim claimed during the trial which began on June 6 that Gordon Black had tried to strangle her during a fight in the apartment they rented together, before going to sleep at the hotel and stealing money from her. money to pay for his night’s stay.

Local media, including the site, reported that Gordon Black explained in court that he met Ms. Vachchouk via an application in South Korea where he is normally deployed. He said he came to Russia at the invitation of Ms Vachchouk but their life together turned out to be complicated.

He pleaded “not guilty” to threats of murder but “partially guilty of theft”, while ensuring that he did not premeditate this act.

“I have nothing to say,” he said on Wednesday, invited by the judge to make a final statement in court, local media reported, according to which he listened to the verdict from a glass cage for the accused. .



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