France authorized the delivery to Israel of “electronic equipment” from armed drones suspected of bombing Gaza

France authorized the delivery to Israel of “electronic equipment” from armed drones suspected of bombing Gaza
France authorized the delivery to Israel of “electronic equipment” from armed drones suspected of bombing Gaza

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France has authorized the delivery to Israel of “electronic equipment” used for the manufacture of armed drones suspected of being used to bomb Gaza, according to information published Tuesday morning by the independent media Disclose.

In detail, it is the Hermes 900 armed drones, implicated in the bombings of the Gazan population, which would have benefited from this French equipment.

“Despite the use of Hermes 900s in the ongoing bombings in Gaza, the Thales group, 26% owned by the French state, recently delivered electronic equipment for the assembly of these armed drones” details Disclose in its investigation .

After the exploitation of numerous documents, Disclose assures that these are “TSC 4000 IFF type transponders”, considered by the Ministry of the Armed Forces as “surveillance, target tracking and recognition systems”, which were provided for be assembled on Hermes 900s.

Disclose also recalls that “this war material allows Israeli drones to avoid any risk of collision or fire between friendly aircraft”.

According to the same source, France authorizes the delivery to Israel of at least eight of these transponders supplied by Thalès but only two were delivered at the start of 2024, while six others are at this stage blocked by customs services.

“Granted by the highest levels of the State, the export license for this communication equipment used to equip armed drones demonstrates, once again, the absence of transparency and control in matters of arms sales » squeaks Disclose.

Questioned at the end of March by Anadolu, after previous revelations from Disclose on the sale of arms, the deputy spokesperson for the Quai d’Orsay, Christophe Lemoine, indicated that “France has an authorization mechanism and for the export of war materials which is extremely rigorous and which is based on careful interministerial examination, on a case-by-case basis, and on the basis of different criteria, in particular those defined by the Arms Trade Treaty.

“The French license which was given does not give the Israeli army the right to use these components” but only authorizes “re-export” to third countries, commented the Minister of the Armed Forces Sébastien Lecornu.

During April, several NGOs including the AFPS (Association France Palestine Solidarité), the Solidaires union and Attac, had applied to the Paris administrative court for summary proceedings (emergency procedure) to request “the suspension of the issuance of licenses of export of French arms and dual-use goods to Israel”, but their appeal was rejected, the courts having considered that there was no urgency to rule.

In an interview with Anadolu, their lawyer, Maître Vincent Brengarth, discussed the motivations for this referral and the challenges of this procedure.

Stressing that several international organizations including the United Nations and the ICJ (International Court of Justice) have already mentioned the existence of “a certain number of elements which allow us to presume the news of a genocide in progress in Gaza”, the Parisian council considered that “no one can ignore the destination of the weapons which could be sent to Israel while the State is engaged in what constitutes crimes recognized as such by international law”.

“A certain number of international treaties recall that a State has the obligation to suspend, in particular weapons exploitation licenses from the moment it has sufficient elements to consider that there is a situation of commission crimes against humanity, genocide, or other crimes recognized as such by international law,” continued the lawyer.

Vincent Brengarth addressed the case of France in this regard, explaining that there exists, at this stage, “a body of elements which allow us to consider that there are licenses to exploit weapons which are used to fuel attacks against Gaza.

His analysis and that of the NGOs he represents results from “the parliamentary work of the 2023 report which shows that the French State remains financial in terms of arming Israel” and “the work carried out by several NGOs showing that a certain number of licenses that have been granted to Israel and which are used for the use of weapons.

Mentioning in turn the work carried out by the NGO “Stop Arming Israel” and by Disclose, the lawyer indicated that there is today “no element which allows us to consider that the export licenses granted in 2022 and export licenses for dual-use goods have been suspended by France.

“The revelations from Disclose show that France sold components which were used in the manufacture of munitions, so we have confirmation, through these revelations, that there is a net contribution to the armament of Israel” he said. he continued.

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