“The lifeguard started to whistle and forced everyone out of the water quickly”

Two holiday beaches in Gran Canaria have been closed following the presence of sharks. Lifeguards ordered beachgoers to leave Melenara beach after a police drone spotted a hammerhead shark. This is the second time that this beach has been closed after a first alert on Saturday.


The swimming ban was even extended to the nearby Salinetas beach, then to San Augustin beach in the south of the island, where a tourist photographed a shark fin. It is unclear whether the shark seen in San Augustin is the same as the one in Melenara, initially estimated to be around 2 meters and later 3 meters.

Melenara beach briefly reopened on Sunday morning before closing again after drones spotted a shark near the port of Taliarte. Police confirmed it was a hammerhead shark, a species generally harmless to humans but impressive in its size.

“Shark, shark!” »: the chilling images at the beach, everyone rushed out of the water! (video)

Footage shows young people fleeing Melenara beach screaming as the shark approached the shore. A Telde city council spokesperson urged people to stay calm and follow the instructions of rescuers. One girl said: “The lifeguard started blowing his whistle and forced everyone out of the water quickly. Then I saw his fin. »

Although hammerhead sharks are rarely dangerous to humans, their presence has caused panic among vacationers.



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