The Russian-Chinese imperialist war in Ukraine and the Swiss peace conference

The Russian-Chinese imperialist war in Ukraine and the Swiss peace conference
The Russian-Chinese imperialist war in Ukraine and the Swiss peace conference

The Conference on Peace in Ukraine which ended yesterday in Switzerland is indicative of the new influence of China and Russia in the world.

India, the United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia refused to sign the final communiqué which, among other things, reaffirmed recognition of Ukraine’s internationally recognized borders.

But it is above all the list of participants in the conference which illustrates the unhealthy influence of the Russian-Chinese tandem.

Of course, no Russian or Chinese delegates attended the conference. But China and Russia managed to convince several important countries not to send any representatives there.

Some absences were predictable: Cuba, Belarus, Iran or North Korea did not delegate anyone. On the other hand, Pakistan and the countries of Central Asia as well as the vast majority of African countries did not send anyone either. South Africa, Brazil and Indonesia were satisfied with simple representatives without ministerial rank.

The empty seats and the votes against the final communiqué quite clearly demarcate the new zone of influence of China and Russia.

A joint war

This demarcation shows that the war against Ukraine is no longer just a Russian war, if it ever was. This is a war between China and Russia against Ukraine.

Vladimir Putin would never have been able to last this long without the active support of China. He probably would not have attacked Ukraine without this support.

China diligently helps Russia occupy Ukrainian territory. It does this through its diplomacy, its economic aid and its military aid, even if it denies it. And even if China did not directly help Russia with its armaments, it would be reasonable to wonder about the Chinese military cargoes which could arrive in Russia through intermediary countries.

Regardless, despite the Chinese government’s denials, the war in Ukraine is a joint Russian-Chinese war. A reality that most world leaders are still hesitant to name.

The United States on the good side

The countries that side with Ukraine, including the United States, are on the side of the defenders, not the aggressors. A fundamental difference that only supporters of China and Russia try to deny.

Democracies as well as small and medium powers can only be concerned about this new offensive alliance between two ruthless dictatorships.

The remarks of Donald Trump, who has just compared Volodymyr Zelensky to a vulgar salesman extracting billions of dollars from the United States, can only encourage the Russian-Chinese tandem to strengthen its murderous and destabilizing strategies.

The time to pretend that China is not an active accomplice of Russia is over. In fact, it too has become an aggressor and imperialist country.



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