“Crammed together like rats”: the thousands of police officers ensuring the security of the G7 housed in “precarious conditions”

“Crammed together like rats”: the thousands of police officers ensuring the security of the G7 housed in “precarious conditions”
“Crammed together like rats”: the thousands of police officers ensuring the security of the G7 housed in “precarious conditions”

LPolice officers mobilized to provide security for the G7 summit in Italy from Thursday to Saturday have been given new accommodation after complaining of being “packed in like rats” aboard a crumbling cruise ship.

In view of this meeting of the leaders of the seven richest countries in the world, including American President Joe Biden and his French counterpart Emmanuel Macron, Italian law enforcement is on edge to ensure the security of these prestigious guests, who They will be accommodated in the very luxurious Borgo Egnazia establishment, usually frequented by stars and where it costs 2,000 euros per night for a double room.

Drastic measures

The Interior Ministry announced the temporary reestablishment of border controls, suspending the ordinary regime of freedom of movement in the Schengen zone. As the summit is being held in the province of Brindisi in Puglia, a tourist region forming the heel of the Italian Boot, reinforcements of police and soldiers had to be transported to the site, posing logistical problems.

“After long hours of travel, many police officers were forced to sleep in precarious conditions on a cruise ship or in vans due to the lack of rooms” in the port of Brindisi, lamented the Italian Police Union Financial Services (SILF, which includes customs officers) in a press release published Monday evening on Facebook.

The SILF press release, entitled “Inconvenience for police officers on duty at the G7 in Brindisi: 2,600 agents and soldiers crowded together like rats”, demands “respect for the dignity and well-being of police officers”.

Precarious conditions

According to the daily La Repubblica, the police officers housed on board the poorly named Mykonos Magic must leave the doors of their cabins without windows open to be able to sleep because the air conditioning is broken, making these small spaces unlivable with temperatures already exceeding 30 degrees in the region.

Serving meals to so many people also poses problems of “extreme slowness”, forcing police officers to queue until 11 p.m. to receive a cold meal, according to La Repubblica.

The situation resolved

On Tuesday, a press release from the same union specified that the main managers of the financial police had decided to transfer a large number of police officers to “more dignified accommodation”, with a small part remaining on the ship in areas where everything works.

The Ministry of the Interior recognized in a press release on Tuesday that “the logistical, hygienic and sanitary conditions” on the Mykonos Magic do not “correspond to what had been agreed”.

More than 1,200 police officers have already been accommodated in hotels in the region and of the 1,200 remaining on the ship, 600 others will be accommodated during the day, adds the ministry which does not exclude legal proceedings for non-compliance with the contract by the service provider.



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