Spanish justice refuses to close the investigation against the wife of Pedro Sánchez

Spanish justice refuses to close the investigation against the wife of Pedro Sánchez
Spanish justice refuses to close the investigation against the wife of Pedro Sánchez

Spanish justice on Wednesday rejected a request from the public prosecutor’s office, which recommended the closure of the corruption investigation targeting the wife of Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez, citing “sufficient” elements to justify the continuation of the investigations.

“There are indications concerning the alleged commission of a crime” which are “sufficient” for this preliminary investigation to continue, a Madrid court ruled in a decision consulted by AFP, considering that these indications were “more than mere suspicions.”

This decision, taken despite a recent report from the Civil Guard concluding that there was no case, constitutes a disavowal of the public prosecutor’s office, which on April 25 had called for the “cancellation” of the procedure and “the dismissal of further action.” of the matter.”

Above all, it constitutes a political setback for Mr. Sánchez, the right-wing opposition seeing in this investigation a confirmation of its accusations of corruption against the socialist Prime Minister and his government.

This investigation concerns alleged acts of corruption and influence peddling. It was opened on April 16 after a complaint from a collective close to the far right targeting Mr. Sánchez’s wife, Begoña Gómez. This collective has since recognized that its complaint was based solely on press articles.

According to the online media El Confidencial, which revealed the existence of the investigation, justice is particularly interested in Begoña Gómez’s links with the Spanish tourism group Globalia.

“Harassment” strategy

Its CEO, owner of the airline Air Europa, reportedly met Begoña Gómez while his group was negotiating with the government to grant public aid in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic. Begoña Gómez then headed a foundation which had signed a sponsorship agreement with Globalia.

At the end of April, Mr. Sánchez described the accusations against his wife as a “strategy of harassment and demolition” emanating from “media strongly influenced by the right and the extreme right” and supported, according to him, by the conservative opposition.

Questioned on Wednesday, the Minister of Justice, Félix Bolaños, assured that the Civil Guard report had “dismantled one by one all the false accusations” against Begoña Gómez. “There is nothing of nothing” in this file “the sooner this investigation is closed, the better,” he insisted.

When this investigation was announced, Mr. Sánchez said on April 24, to everyone’s surprise, that he was considering resigning and was suspending his activities for five days for a period of reflection. He ultimately decided to stay in power.

For the opposition, this pause was only a stage show to divert public attention and the Prime Minister had never intended to give up his functions.

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