“We usually couldn’t afford these luxury meals” (video)

This unscrupulous couple made the rounds on the internet some time ago. Without any embarrassment, they went to the restaurant, drank as a family, then found subterfuges to leave without paying. In total, they ate for several thousand euros in 5 different restaurants.

The technique was well established. The couple used a card they knew would be declined to “pay,” then left one of their children in the restaurant as a sign that they would return. The couple then fled. They used 43 different aliases and 18 different dates of birth to dupe restaurants within a 30km radius in Wales, as reported by the Sun.


But one day, a restaurant broadcast footage of their misdeeds, and that’s where they fell. They had consumed luxury dishes, sent them back to the kitchen half-eaten, consumed 15 bottles of champagne…


They were sentenced to prison on Thursday (May 30) after pleading guilty to five counts of fraud at Swansea Magistrates’ Court. They also admitted to shoplifting four times, after stealing more than €1,000 worth of goods from Tommy Hilfiger, Sainsbury and Tesco.

Anne is judged as “the mastermind of the operations”, and receives a heavier sentence than her husband. I judge having described her as a “skillful and experienced liar”. He also highlighted the negative image they foster as “travelers”.

During her trial, Anne said she specifically targeted restaurants for luxury meals because “it wasn’t something she could usually afford.” In addition to the prison sentences, they were forced to reimburse and compensate the injured restaurateurs.

A table of 21 people leaves without paying, the two owners file a complaint.A table of 21 people leaves without paying, the two owners file a complaint.

A table of 21 people leaves the Jurbise restaurant without paying: this is what the customers risk!

Anne McDonagh was sentenced to one year in prison. Bernard McDonagh was sentenced to eight months in prison. Both pleaded guilty to the charges at Swansea Magistrates’ Court on Wednesday, May 8.



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