Let Ukraine strike bases in Russia? After Emmanuel Macron, Anthony Blinken opens the door

Let Ukraine strike bases in Russia? After Emmanuel Macron, Anthony Blinken opens the door
Let Ukraine strike bases in Russia? After Emmanuel Macron, Anthony Blinken opens the door

The US government is exploring the possibility of allowing Ukraine to target Russian soil. Anthony Blinken assures that the United States must “adapt to changing conditions and the battlefield”.

Officially, the position of Joe Biden’s government has not changed. The United States still opposes strikes by the Ukrainian army on Russian soil with its weapons. But a statement from Anthony Blinken’s American Secretary of State opened the door this Wednesday, May 29, to a change in Washington’s position.

During a press conference during a trip to Moldova, the head of American diplomacy affirmed that Ukraine must “make its own decisions as to the best way to defend itself effectively”.

“We will continue to adapt”

“We are going to make sure that she has the necessary equipment to do it,” said Anthony Blinken. The US Secretary of State highlighted the fact that a “marker” of Washington’s support for kyiv is the “adaptive capacity” of the Biden administration.

The United States was able “to adapt to changing conditions and the battlefield, as well as to Russia’s evolving aggressiveness and escalation,” said Anthony Blinken.

“We have adapted, and I am convinced that we will continue to do so,” he said.

The Wall Street Journal and Politico note that John Kirby, White House spokesperson, immediately tempered Anthony Blinken’s comments. “We do not encourage and we do not allow the use of American weapons on Russian soil,” he said, repeating his comments from earlier this week.

“Our support for Ukraine has evolved appropriately as conditions on the battlefield have evolved, and that is not going to change,” he conceded, however. “But at the moment there is no development in our policy either.”

Speaking to Politico, two American officials indicated that no decision on the matter had been made. One of them assures, on condition of anonymity, that the subject of authorizing strikes in Russia is “under study”.

Emmanuel Macron also opens the door

On Tuesday, Emmanuel Macron also said that kyiv should be allowed to “neutralize” the military bases from which Russia fires its missiles against Ukrainian territory, in the midst of a debate on the use of Western weapons in Russia.

“We must allow them to neutralize the military sites from which the missiles are fired (…) the military sites from which Ukraine is attacked,” declared the French head of state during a press conference. alongside Chancellor Olaf Scholz near Berlin.

“If we tell them you do not have the right to reach the point from which the missiles are fired, in fact we tell them, we are delivering weapons to you but you cannot defend yourself,” he continued. But we must not allow other targets in Russia and obviously civilian capabilities to be hit.”

A risk of conflict escalating

Traveling to Belgium this Tuesday, Volodymyr Zelensky renewed his request for a change in the position of his allies. “We cannot risk the support of our partners. That is why we do not use our partners’ weapons to attack Russian territory. That is why we are asking for permission to do so,” the president said. Ukrainian, according to comments reported by Euronews.

Ukraine demands to be able to use weapons delivered by the West against military targets on Russian soil but the subject divides its support. Among the most reluctant among them, Italy and Germany highlight the risk of an outburst, with the underlying fear of the use of nuclear weapons by Russia.

And this while for NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg, the current restrictions “tie the hands behind the backs of the Ukrainians”. For his part, Vladimir Putin threatened “serious consequences” in the event of the use of Western weapons against Russian territory.

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