North Korea sends balloons filled with trash to the South

North Korea sends balloons filled with trash to the South
North Korea sends balloons filled with trash to the South

(Seoul) North Korea sent balloons filled with trash, toilet paper and animal feces to the South, media reported Wednesday, in an operation that did not fly high, according to Seoul. South Korean army.

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Kang Jin-kyu

France Media Agency

The operation was confirmed by Kim Yo Jong, the sister of North Korean leader Kim Jong-un and one of his regime’s main spokespeople, who mocked the reaction of the Seoul authorities.

A “large amount of waste paper and garbage” was “scattered across the border and deep areas” of South Korea starting late Tuesday, she admitted.

“We tried something they’ve always done, but I don’t understand why they’re making such a fuss as if they were victims of a hail of bullets,” she said in a statement released Wednesday by North Korean news agency KNCA.

Photos, widely shared by South Korean media, show white balloons carrying trash bags filled with trash and what appears to be feces.

This weekend, North Korean leader Kim Jong-un warned that “mounds of waste and rubbish would soon be scattered across the border areas and inside” South Korea.

“Unidentified objects, believed to be North Korean propaganda leaflets, have been identified in the Gyeonggi-Gangwon border area and the military is implementing measures,” the South Korean Joint Chiefs of Staff said ( JCS).

“Citizens must refrain from any outdoor activities. Do not come into contact with any unknown objects and report them to the nearest military base or the police,” he said in a statement sent to AFP.

The North’s actions “clearly violate international laws and seriously threaten the security of our people,” according to the Joint Chiefs of Staff, which says some of the balloons contained apparent trash, which the military was verifying .

“We call on the North to immediately cease its actions […] low-level,” he added.

Late in the night from Tuesday to Wednesday, the province of Gyeonggi sent an alert message calling on its residents to follow these same instructions.

” Message ”

Since the Korean War (1950-1953) ended in an armistice and not a peace treaty, North and South remain technically at war and are separated by a heavily fortified border including the demilitarized zone (DMZ).

South Korean activists sometimes release balloons carrying propaganda leaflets against North Korean rule and money intended for people living north of the border.

These shipments have long aroused Pyongyang’s ire, possibly because it fears that an influx of outside information into this tightly controlled society could pose a threat to those in power.

Pyongyang has already sent propaganda balloons across the border, notably in 2016, but the current case is a little different, Cheong Seong-chang of the Sejong Institute told AFP.

“Bags filled with toilet paper, garbage and Chinese batteries were found,” he said.

“Additionally, according to testimonies, given the “distinctive odor” that emanated from the bag, it is likely that they also sent feces, probably animal feces,” he added. .

“It’s a message […] addressed to South Korea: like the South, North Korea can also send propaganda,” said Mr. Cheong.

On Monday, Pyongyang’s launch of a spy satellite failed, but Seoul called the attempt a “provocation” and conducted maneuvers with fighter jets in the hours following the launch in protest.

Kim Jong-un called Seoul’s response “reckless”, the KCNA news agency reported on Wednesday, saying that “the current situation requires further strengthening war deterrence by all means and gradually developing military forces.” armies of (North Korea) to make it a superpowerful entity of absolute force.”



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