War in Ukraine, day 826 | Eight dead in Russian strikes

War in Ukraine, day 826 | Eight dead in Russian strikes
War in Ukraine, day 826 | Eight dead in Russian strikes

(Kyiv) Eight people were killed by Russian strikes in several regions of Ukraine, and the death toll from this weekend’s bombing of a hypermarket in Kharkiv rose to 19 deaths, Ukrainian regional authorities announced on Wednesday.

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Updated at 9:56 a.m.

In the Donetsk region (east), three people were killed and at least 12 were injured in several bombings by the Russian army, Governor Vadim Filashkin said on Telegram this morning.

Several houses and civilian buildings were “damaged,” the official said.

Still in the east, but further north, in the Kharkiv region, “a 40-year-old man” was injured in a Russian bombing which caused a fire in a farm in particular, according to regional authorities.

In the northeastern Sumy region, a Russian missile attack killed two people and injured three, according to the regional military administration.

Two other individuals were killed in a Russian strike in Nikopol, near the Dnieper River which serves as a natural dividing line in the south between the Ukrainian and Russian armies, reported the governor of the Dnipropetrovsk region, Serguiï Lyssak.

In the neighboring Kherson region, “one person was killed as a result of Russian aggression,” said Governor Oleksandr Prokudin.

The death toll from the Russian strike on May 25 on a hypermarket in Kharkiv, Ukraine’s second city, rose to 19 dead after the death in hospital of an employee who was treated in particular for multiple burns, according to the prosecutor. general.

Kharkiv is the almost daily target of Russian bombings coming mainly from Russian territory. Russian troops launched an offensive in the region in early May, gaining ground against a struggling Ukrainian army, with the Kremlin vowing to do so in response to Ukrainian attacks on its soil.

Kyiv, for its part, says it is only attacking in depth the military sites of the Russian army used in particular to bomb its cities and its energy infrastructures for more than two years.



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