Paris, London, Bologna… Several demonstrations in Europe after Israel’s strikes in Rafah

In France, Italy and England, several thousand people marched in the streets this Tuesday, May 28 to denounce Israel’s murderous response in the Gaza Strip. International indignation has continued to grow against the Jewish state since the new bombing of a refugee camp in Rafah on the night of Sunday to Monday.

“All eyes on Rafah.” Thousands of people demonstrated this Tuesday, May 28 to denounce the action of Israel which, despite a decision by the International Court of Justice, is relentlessly bombing the town of Rafah in the Gaza Strip. In Paris, there were more than 4,500 people mobilizing according to the authorities, compared to 10,000 the day before.

Some of them even partially blocked the ring road for a few moments, before the police intervened.

Pro-Palestinian demonstrators in Paris, Tuesday May 28, 2024 © Geoffroy VAN DER HASSELT / AFP

Earlier in the evening, Place de la République was filled with demonstrators. The compact crowd chanted “Israel assassin, Macron complicit”, “We are all children of Gaza”, and “Israel assassinates the children of Palestine”.

“It’s not a war, it’s a genocide,” we could read on several signs.

Several LFI deputies were present, including Sébastien Delogu, excluded a few hours earlier for brandishing the Palestinian flag in the National Assembly hemicycle.

Thousands of people in England

France is not the only country where pro-Palestinian demonstrations took place on Tuesday. In England, in London, a large crowd gathered towards the residence of Prime Minister Rishi Sunak, at 10 Downing Street.


Pro-Palestinian demonstrators in London, Tuesday May 28, 2024 © BENJAMIN CREMEL / AFP

The initiators of this demonstration claimed the presence of 10,000 people. “Our government has supported Israel’s action while a genocide is underway. They have blood on their hands. They must call for an immediate ceasefire and stop Israel’s arming,” he said. writes the Palestine Solidarity Campaign

The gathering was punctuated by some tensions with the police, local media reported.


>Police officers face pro-Palestinian demonstrators, Tuesday May 28, 2024 in London>
Police officers face pro-Palestinian demonstrators on Tuesday May 28, 2024 in London © BENJAMIN CREMEL / AFP

Also in England, students occupied the University of Manchester, disrupting their exam schedule. Similar situation in Belgium: in order to support students protesting against Israel’s response in the Gaza Strip, academics say they will not denounce students caught cheating during exams.

A blocked train station in Italy

In Italy, several hundred people invaded Bologna station this Tuesday around 6 p.m. With Palestinian flags in their hands, they blocked the tracks, thus disrupting traffic.

Images posted on the “Young Palestinians of Bologna” Instagram account showed demonstrators holding a banner calling for an “uprising for Rafah.”

“Lives are at stake”

International outrage after the deadly Israeli strike on a refugee camp in Rafah on Sunday May 26 continues to grow. Algeria is now preparing a draft resolution for the UN Security Council, announced its ambassador, Amar Bendjama, following an emergency meeting of the Council.

“It will be a short text, a clear text, to stop the massacre in Rafah,” he told the press as the Council is due to meet this Wednesday, May 29 for its monthly meeting on the situation in the Palestinian territories.

“We hope that it can be done as quickly as possible because lives are at stake,” commented Chinese Ambassador Fu Cong, hoping for a vote this week on the resolution that Algeria is preparing.

“It is high time for this Council to act and adopt a new resolution,” French Ambassador Nicolas de Rivière argued before the start of the meeting, also putting forward a “question of life and death.”

Earlier in the day, Spain, Norway and Ireland officially recognized the State of Palestine on Tuesday, provoking the fury of Israel which sees it as a “reward” to Hamas for its October 7 attack.



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