When even the drought becomes a Makhzen plot against Algeria

When even the drought becomes a Makhzen plot against Algeria
When even the drought becomes a Makhzen plot against Algeria

Obsessed by their hostility towards Morocco, Algerian leaders are determined to make the Kingdom primarily responsible for their problems, because they are unable to confront them.

This circumvention prevents them from taking an objective interest in the difficulties of their country, which arise from endogenous and non-exogenous factors, writes the editorialist ofAl Ahdath Al Maghribia this Wednesday, May 29.

The military junta thus accused Morocco of being at the origin of the forest fires which recently ravaged several regions in Algeria.

Moreover, the generals of Algiers blame the Moroccan foreign intelligence services for having caused damage to the grass which covers the grounds of the capital.

Today, it is the turn of Taha Derbal, Algerian Minister of Hydraulics, to complain to the international community, accusing the Kingdom of having “disrupted the ecological balance, affecting flora and fauna, when Morocco intentionally dried up certain dams and areas along Algeria’s western borders“.

Well let’s see, that’s it. Even the drought affecting Morocco finds itself being exploited by the Algerian minister, who has made it a plot against his country.

However, it is common knowledge that the geographical proximity between two countries causes them to jointly suffer natural disasters, explains the editorialist ofAl Ahdath Al Maghribiaaccording to which, “thank God, this sharing remains limited to a common sky, because Morocco remains immune to the social and political catastrophes which strike Algeria“.

The confusion demonstrated by the Algerian minister is in fact only one branch of the great structural confusion in the conduct of Algerian policies towards Morocco.

Each minister thus uses his own strategy, in fact a confusion, against Morocco, following the example of the country’s president, Abdelmadjid Tebboune, who officially made this micmac his political guideline.

This is how, writes the editorialist ofAl Ahdath Al Maghribiathat the persistence of Algerian leaders in sponsoring the Polisario separatist group turns into an absurdity that ends up harming Algeria’s interests.

The politico-military regime squanders public money, and disperses its diplomatic efforts in blind and suicidal obstinacy, just to satisfy its hostility towards Morocco.

Its stubbornness in defending a lost separatist thesis still fuels tensions today with Arab, African and Mediterranean countries, which Algeria can do without.

The same goes for the vain attempts of the military junta to create opponents in Morocco, by attempting to exploit mercenaries, who have become addicted to begging from the intelligence services of various countries.

They were also ejected, because of their mediocrity and their inability to provide them with reliable information, like a certain gang of sellouts, who certainly do not represent the Rif, nor the fact that its inhabitants are Moroccan, nor the memory of the historical events for national liberation which took place there, even less in its values ​​of dignity and pride.

By Hassan Benadad

05/28/2024 at 7:54 p.m.



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