“Filibuster”: the Republican promise

“Filibuster”: the Republican promise
“Filibuster”: the Republican promise

Possible scenario: after the November 2024 elections, the Republicans do not only capture the House but also the Senate. In such a case, what are the chances of survival of the “filibuster”, this parliamentary rule which allows a minority of 40 senators (out of 100) to block most bills?

The most loyal readers of this blog remember that the most moderate or conservative Democrats, including Joe Manchin and Kyrsten Sinema, opposed the elimination of this rule which would have opened the way to the adoption of the most ambitious reforms of their party (Sinema sits today as an independent).

One of the arguments of Democratic opponents to the elimination of the “filibuster” was to say that progressives would be bored when the Republicans were masters of the Senate.

However, the Republicans have an excellent chance of becoming a majority in the upper house of Congress in 2025. Will they do what the Democrats did not dare to do under Joe Biden? Their tenors respond in the negative, according to the Punchbowl News site, even if Donald Trump, critic of the “filibuster”, asked them to eliminate it, as he continued to do during his mandate in the House. White.

“When you’re in the Senate, you have to have 60 votes,” said Oklahoma Republican Sen. James Lankford. “That means you have to sit down like adults, have conversations and figure it out. Some people don’t like it. [Le filibuster] is something uniquely American to have a place in government where both sides must be heard. »

We will perhaps have the opportunity to see if these beautiful words will stand the test of the reality of a White House under Trump and a Republican Senate.

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