He voluntarily dives on an orca and her calf and pays dearly for it

He voluntarily dives on an orca and her calf and pays dearly for it
He voluntarily dives on an orca and her calf and pays dearly for it

Last February, a video was published on Instagram showing a man intentionally dives onto an orca accompanied by its calfrelates The morning. “I touched her!“, he shouts as he resurfaces, “Did you film this?“, he asks the people who are with him on the boat.

This irresponsible act took place off the coast of Devonport, New Zealand. The man, a fifty-year-old living in Auckland, was identified through an investigation carried out by the Department of Conservation (DOC) and the police.

Behavior deemed “totally irresponsible”

Refusing to cooperate with investigators, the individual was still prosecuted and fined 600 New Zealand dollars, or approximately 335 euros.

DOC lead investigator Hayden Loper said the man’s behavior was “totally irresponsible“.”This demonstrates a shocking disregard for the welfare of orcas“, did he declare. “These are extremely powerful animals, and this really could have ended horribly, with either the orca injured or the man attacked by the animal.

An action that could have had serious consequences

The incident sparked outrage among conservationists and animal lovers. Many have denounced dangerous human behaviorwhich could have had tragic consequences.

Fortunately, neither the man nor the orca were injured in this incident. However, this event serves as an important reminder thatit is essential to respect wildlife and never attempt to approach or touch these animals.

Orcas: wild animals to respect

THE killer whalesalso known as killer whales, are carnivorous marine mammals at the top of the food chain. They can measure up to 9 meters long and weigh up to 6 tonnes. Although generally not aggressive towards humans, orcas can become dangerous if they feel threatened.

It is important to remember that wild animals are not toys and that they should be treated with respect. It is essential to keep a safe distance from these animals and never attempt to feed or touch them.



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