Have you seen Jesus? The Vatican no longer responds!

Don’t say otherwise. For years, Jesus has appeared almost everywhere. People see it on a chip, a toasta fish cake, a pancake, a banana peel and even a grilled cheese. A real recipe book!

In 2016, an Italian woman claimed to have discovered a miraculous statuette of Mary. She multiplied the gnocchi and pizzas! In addition, the Marie of the 21st century was getting into technology! Near the statue, pilgrims received text messages denouncing abortion and gay marriage. As luck would have it…

Nothing to do. When it came to apparitions, the Vatican was sleeping on the gas. Even though the statues cried their hearts out, he let them flow. Here and there, bishops even participated in the marketing of miracles…

Until March, north of Rome, an illuminated woman claimed to receive messages from a statue of Mary. Often, communications took place on the third day of the month. More precise than that, you appear in the form of a Swiss watch!

Whose fault is it? The last rules governing apparitions dated from February 1978. Paul VI was then pope. Guy Lafleur would win the National League scoring championship. And Joe Biden was considered a young senator…

Enough! Enough! Enough is enough! On May 17, the Vatican issued new rules regarding “mystical” visions. In summary, if Jesus and Mary wink at you, the bishops will have to keep their distance. And no matter what happens, no one has to believe you.

The moral of this story belongs to comedian Henny Youngman. “Before, I wanted to become an atheist,” he said. I ended up giving up. It’s not that I believe in miracles, it’s just that atheists have fewer holidays…”

Sources: International mail And The New York Times

The revelation

— 43%: proportion of American teenagers who suspect their parents of “snooping” on their cell phones;

— 50%: proportion of American parents who admit to having “snooped” on their teenager(s) cell phone.

Source: Pew Research Center

The comparison

— Proportion of American voters who believe he would make a better president than Joe Biden: 47%;

— Proportion of American voters who believe he would make a better president than Donald Trump: 49%.

Source: YouGov

(AP archives, Binsar Bakkara)

Quick question

On the island of Sumatra, Indonesia, scientists observed an orangutan doing an astonishing thing. What is it about?

has) He was trying to pick the lock on a car door with a small pin;

b) He used a plant to heal a wound;

vs) He was riding a bicycle with his arms crossed, without holding the handlebars;

d) He pretended to smoke an invisible cigarette;

e) On a forest road, he waved his arm towards a car that had brushed past him.

Answer: b)
Source: BBC News

Quick question

Among the following words, two have just been added in Little Robert French and two have just been integrated into the Quebec dictionary Usito? Can you tell them apart?

has) “Disguise”;

b) “Renoviction”;

vs) “Binge Watching” [visionnement en rafale];

d) “Boss of the kisses”.

Answers: a) Robertb) Usitovs) Usitod) Robert.
Sources: News and Radio-Canada

The comparison

— Area that Ukraine took back from Russia during the counter-offensive in the summer of 2023: 515 km²;

— Area that Russia recaptured in Ukraine, between April 1 and May 17, 2024: 762 km²;

— Surface area of ​​Lake Saint-Jean: 1003 km².

Source : The Washington Post

(Photo from David Rush website)

The quote

“I like being surrounded by crazy people […] like me.”

The American David Rush, who dreams of holding more than 180 Guinness World Records, which would constitute… a record. For the moment, our “serial champion” is breaking records that no one (or almost anyone) suspects exists. This includes the most pushpins pinned to a board in one minute. Precisely 243, for those who are interested. Not to mention the largest number of broken pencils in the space of 60 seconds. Mr. Rush even boasted of having donned five t-shirts launched from a “t-shirt cannon” in the space of 46.09 seconds. Admit that you wouldn’t have thought of it…

Sources: Boise State University and https://recordbreakerrush.com/

Bulk figures

— 360% increase in metro fares on May 16, in Buenos Aires, Argentina;

— 85% of American voters believe that the majority of politicians are not interested in the concerns of people like them;

— 40% of all the world’s dirty money would pass through London or the British Overseas Territories;

— 35% American adults believe they can tell the difference between a $10 bottle of wine and a $100 bottle;

— 23% of all web pages existing in 2013 cannot be found today;

— 1% of media content in the United States is devoted to climate change.

Source : Harper’s, The Guardian and Pew Research Center

(123RF, skynetphoto)

The revelation (2)

“Cockroaches are a creation of the human environment.”

Edward Vargo, an entomologist at Texas A&M University, explaining the latest discoveries about the cockroach. The origins of the insect remain partly mysterious. It has never been found in the wild. It only exists in human habitations. Anyone who has come across her will be able to confirm this. The cockroach stands out as a model of tenacity and adaptation to a hostile environment. It is also found across the globe. It has even snuck into homes in Antarctica! Sniff. Don’t try to hide it. I see a glimmer of pride in your eyes…

Source : The Washington Post

Quick question

Around the world, 140 countries recognize the existence of a Palestinian state. Three want to be added to the list soon. Which countries are these?

has) Ireland, Spain and Norway

b) Canada, Sweden and Spain;

vs) Iceland, Denmark and Australia;

d) Ireland, Mexico and Belgium

e) Sri Lanka, Canada and China.

Respond to)
Source : The Washington Post

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