Fine of 50,000 euros for CNews because of comments on “Arab-Muslim immigration”

Fine of 50,000 euros for CNews because of comments on “Arab-Muslim immigration”
Fine of 50,000 euros for CNews because of comments on “Arab-Muslim immigration”

Arcom imposed a fine of 50,000 euros on the CNews channel for proposals by journalist Geoffroy Lejeune, according to which anti-Semitism and prison overpopulation were consequences of “Arab-Muslim immigration”.

“These suggestions convey several negative stereotypes” And “attribute serious facts and behavior to a population group as a whole”, judges Arcom, the audiovisual regulator, in its decision published Thursday in the Official Journal.

This can therefore “encouraging discriminatory behavior” with regard to this population group, “because of his origin and his religion”argues the instance.

CNews, which belongs to the Canal+ group, is in the hands of conservative billionaire Vincent Bolloré, like the C8 channel. Both were regularly called to order by Arcom due to comments made on their broadcasts.

This new sanction relates to a passage from the show “L’Heure des Pros 2” broadcast on September 28, 2023.

The sanctioned proposals were made there by a regular columnist of the show, Geoffroy Lejeune, director of the Journal du Dimanche (JDD), another media in the fold of Bolloré.

Commenting on a survey on anti-Semitism in French universities, he declared: “This is one of the consequences, this poll, one of the consequences of Arab-Muslim immigration. It’s one of the consequences, like part of drug trafficking, like prison overcrowding, like the abaya, like all that.”

“In fact, the anti-Semitism that Jews are victims of today is just that we did not have an immigration policy that had just the beginning of the beginning of coherence,” Lejeune added.

In its decision, Arcom deplores that these proposals were not “is the subject of no reaction from the other people present on set”.

Like C8, CNews is applying for the renewal of its terrestrial digital frequency (DTT) as part of a television procedure currently being carried out by Arcom.

Their case largely mobilized the debates of the recent parliamentary commission of inquiry into DTT frequencies.

In his report, published in mid-May, his rapporteur, LFI deputy Aurélien Saintoul, wrote that he “would not understand that the CNews and C8 channels could see their broadcasting authorizations renewed as they stand.”



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