Travel in the European Union: the more expensive the Schengen visa will be

Travel in the European Union: the more expensive the Schengen visa will be
Travel in the European Union: the more expensive the Schengen visa will be

Schengen visa applicants will have to pay more for their application fees if the proposal issued in February 2024 is adopted by the European Commission.

Visa fees will then increase by 12% from Tuesday June 11, 2024, relays Al Ahdath Al Maghribia: short-term visa fees for adults will increase from 80 to 90 euros, and these fees for children aged 6 to 12 will increase from 40 to 45 euros.

These data were confirmed last Monday by the Slovenian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, in a press release published by the site Schengen News.

The press release indicates that visa fees for short stays, commonly known as “Type C Schengen visas», will increase by 12% and that this increase will apply to all countries in the world.

Furthermore, countries which do not cooperate with the EU to readmit their illegally staying nationals could pay visa fees ranging from 135 to 180 euros.

To date, the list of countries affected by this “surcharge» has not yet been defined.

The decision to increase these fees is taken based on the current inflation rate in the EU, but the European Commission has not yet announced this.

However, it is expected that the increase in fees on Schengen visas will be reported in the Official Bulletin at the end of this week.

At the beginning of last February, the EU formulated a proposal to increase visa fees because, according to the European Commission regulation, and in accordance with the Schengen visa code, institutions have the right to revise visa fees. visas every three years.

This increase is based on an increase in the inflation rate in the EU, and is indexed to the evolution of the salaries of national civil servants in member countries.

Representatives of international professional organizations, including those operating in air transport, are calling on the EU to review the increase in these fees.

This increase will also lead to an increase in the cost of passenger transport, which will increase from 31 to 34% of the total expenses incurred in their travel.

In fact, this revision could dissuade tourists from opting for destinations requiring a Schengen visa, especially when other countries do not require a visa, or issue more advantageous offers.

By Hassan Benadad

05/21/2024 at 6:06 p.m.



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