Iran: President Raïssi buried in the holy city of Mashhad | TV5MONDE

Iran: President Raïssi buried in the holy city of Mashhad | TV5MONDE
Iran: President Raïssi buried in the holy city of Mashhad | TV5MONDE

Iranian President Ebrahim Raïssi, who died in a helicopter crash on Monday, must be buried Thursday evening in Mashhad, his hometown, after two days of funeral ceremonies which mobilized hundreds of thousands of supporters of the Islamic Republic.

The president, who is Ayatollah, will rest in the main Shiite mausoleum in the northeast of the country, that of Imam Reza.

Raisi, who has presided over Iran since 2021, died at the age of 63 in the fall of the helicopter that was taking him to Tabriz (northwest) on Sunday after attending the joint inauguration of a dam with his Azerbaijani counterpart , Ilham Aliev, on their common border.

Images published in Iranian media showed Mashhad officials preparing the holy city for the final day of the president’s funeral.

Giant portraits of Raisi, black flags and Shiite symbols were erected in the streets of Iran’s second city, particularly around the Reza shrine.

Heading towards the elections

The day before in Tehran, a huge crowd gathered in the center to pay a final tribute to the president celebrated as a “martyr” after his death.

On this declared holiday, the ceremonies began with a prayer led by the supreme leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, who prostrated himself before the coffins of the eight men killed in the crash, including the head of diplomacy Hossein Amir- Abdollahian.

The latter is to be buried on Thursday in the shrine of Shah Abdolazim, located in the town of Rey south of Tehran.

These ceremonies took place according to the tradition of large gatherings that marked the first 45 years of the Islamic Republic, such as the one following the death of General Qassem Soleimani, a senior military official killed by an American strike in Iraq in 2020.

Leaders from countries in the Middle East, North Africa and Asia, including Tunisian President Kaïs Saïed and Qatari Emir Tamim bin Hamad al-Thani, attended a ceremony in the afternoon tribute, in which around sixty countries were represented.

However, no European Union country was represented at the ceremony, while Tehran’s relations with Western countries remain very tense.

At the same time, the authorities are working to organize the process of replacing Mr. Raïssi. The interim president, Mohammad Mokhber, 68, has the particular task of preparing for the presidential election, which will be held on June 28.

At this stage, no political figure has publicly declared their candidacy.

The submission of presidential candidacies officially opens on May 30 and the electoral campaign begins on June 12.



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