Apocalyptic scenes: deadly tornado devastates town in Iowa

Apocalyptic scenes: deadly tornado devastates town in Iowa
Apocalyptic scenes: deadly tornado devastates town in Iowa

A “devastating tornado” struck a town in the US state of Iowa on Tuesday, killing and injuring people, police said, without providing a casualty count.

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This huge storm “devastated a good part of Greenfield”, a town of about 2,000 inhabitants located 70 km southwest of Des Moines, the state capital, said Sergeant Alex Dinkla, of the patrol of Iowa State, during a press conference.

“Earlier today, the town of Greenfield was hit by a devastating tornado. Local, county and state emergency services quickly initiated search and rescue operations after this tornado passed through the area,” said Sergeant Dinkla.

“Unfortunately, we can confirm that this tornado caused deaths and injuries to residents in the Greenfield area,” he added.

He did not provide the number of deaths, but said around a dozen people had been taken to hospital.

After searching the area, “we believe everyone has been accounted for,” he said.

Images posted on the Des Moines Register website show scenes of devastation in Greenfield: many razed homes, uprooted trees and overturned cars.

The city will be under a curfew from 10 p.m. to 7 a.m. Wednesday, Dinkla said, adding that the curfew is “expected to last for some time.”

Iowa Governor Kim Reynolds declared a state of emergency in 15 counties, including Adair which includes Greenfield, due to severe weather.

“I am committed to providing all resources of the state to support the relief and reconstruction efforts,” she said in a statement, indicating that she planned to travel to Greenfield on Wednesday to assess the damage.

She said she was praying for “communities and families affected by today’s severe weather, especially those who tragically lost their lives in the Greenfield area.”

In April, a tornado killed one person in Iowa.



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