Support for the Palestinian cause: the inconsistencies of the Algiers regime

Support for the Palestinian cause: the inconsistencies of the Algiers regime
Support for the Palestinian cause: the inconsistencies of the Algiers regime

In Algeria, the fear of a resumption of the Hirak anti-system demonstrations (2019-2021) remains the main fear of the political-military apparatus in place, which continues to promulgate increasingly liberticidal laws, above all prohibiting any possibility to demonstrate in the streets. Even for the Palestinian cause, which the government has made a cornerstone of its diplomacy – obviously after supporting the pseudopod “Sahrawi State” – any popular demonstration of support is banned. We remember that from the first week of the outbreak of the current deadly conflagration between Hamas and Israel in the Gaza Strip, the Algerian junta harshly repressed attempts at spontaneous demonstrations of support for the Palestinians which broke out in Algiers and in other cities across the country on October 13, 2023.

But faced with the exasperation of the street expressed through social networks as well as the pressure of the rare political parties and associations which have survived the wave of dissolutions of the last four years, multiplying the requests for authorization to demonstrate, Like what is happening in neighboring Morocco and across the world, the regime has been forced to pretend to let go. He therefore organized, on October 19, 2023, a demonstration where the bulk of the troops were made up of soldiers in civilian clothes and their families. It was the first and last demonstration in Algeria in support of Palestine. Moreover, many Algerians had called on social networks to boycott this theatrical demonstration staged by the government, and modeled on the image of the filming of a peplum.

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Despite this paradox which reveals a power which demonstrates in the streets in place of the people, Algerian diplomacy sets itself up, in international meetings, as champion of the Palestinian cause with the sole aim of profiting from the current war in Gaza to try to turn certain countries against Morocco.

It is this sneaky maneuver, confusing Palestine and the Moroccan Sahara, of which the Algerian ambassador to the UN, Amar Benjama, has just been guilty, which earned him a resounding reaction from the ambassador, representing Permanent Representative of Morocco to the UN, Omar Hilale. In a right of reply, at the end of the debate on the Moroccan Sahara organized by the Commission of 24 (UN C24) in Caracas, from May 14 to 16, and which the Algerian diplomat attended as intruder, Omar Hilale did not mince his words.

You pride yourself on defending Palestine in the Security Council, it is your role as representative of the Arab countries within this body, but you forbid your people from demonstrating in favor of Palestine, because you are afraid of Algerian people when they take to the streets. Unlike you, demonstrations in support of the Palestinian population of Gaza face no restrictions in the Kingdom of Morocco», he replied to his Algerian counterpart.

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A way of telling him that in Morocco, a country which has sovereignly reestablished diplomatic relations with the State of Israel, the country’s high authorities and the people are on the same wavelength regarding unequivocal support for the cause Palestinian, in whose favor rallies are authorized.

Distraught by the ever-increasing number of countries, including many heavyweights, supporting the Moroccan nature of the Sahara, the Algiers regime is today brandishing the weapon of “diplomatic terrorism”, as Omar Hilale described it, who openly denounced the harassment methods used by Amar Benjama, to intimidate and corrupt a C24 member country with a view to making it reverse its support for the territorial integrity of Morocco.

Your country has just promulgated the most liberticidal penal code, which allows the sentencing of 30 years in prison for anyone who simply expresses their opinion and you come to Caracas to give lessons on self-determination, freedom and independence», Omar Hilale replied again, in a second reply.

In Algeria, even President Abdelmadjid Tebboune, whose legitimacy is contested by the streets, sees his freedom of movement hampered by the military junta. Travel within the country is therefore prohibited, for fear of hostile gatherings, or even the spontaneous outbreak of anti-regime demonstrations. In five years in power, Tebboune’s visits outside the wilaya of Algiers can be counted on the fingers of one hand: Oran to kick off the last Mediterranean Games, Djelfa to attend military maneuvers and inaugurate a seawater desalination station, and finally Tindouf, where in two express round trips by plane, he visited an iron mine, then received his Mauritanian counterpart for the launch of the improbable Tindouf-Zouerate road, an Arlesian promised for more than half a century, but which has still not seen the light of day.

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At each of these brief presidential outings, the soldiers in civilian clothes and their families are brought together in order to create a “walkabout” in front of the cameras in Tebboune.

It is this regime which transformed Algeria into an open-air prison, for fear of popular protest, which further strengthened the liberticidal arsenal through the new penal code which came into force on May 6, and whose new article 96 makes any electoral campaign almost impossible during the presidential election on September 7.

So when will “the world champion of the Palestinian cause” allow the people to demonstrate their support for Palestine in the streets? Never! First, because for the senile old men at the head of the regime, the Palestinian cause is only an expedient to establish an analogy with the “Sahrawi cause”. Then, what matters above all for these leaders is to stay in power. However, despite the frenzied propaganda, the blind repression, the imprisonments, the political-military apparatus is afraid of the people. Such fear that he would rather become the laughing stock of the world than allow a hundred people to walk in the street. A power that is afraid of the people cannot last.



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