if it is in your garden, keep it!

if it is in your garden, keep it!
if it is in your garden, keep it!

If you tend to delete the smallest plants that develop in the gaps of your garden, be careful, you may miss certain nuggets. Nature has many surprises in store: like this plant that wishes you well.

An ancestral plant brought up to date

There are plants whose growth is identical to that of weeds. Certainly, many prefer tear them offthinking that they are invasive. But often, they have excellent health benefits. Just like this plant that you don’t have to especially not eliminate, a more than valuable asset in your garden. This annual herb native to India has made a wonderful journey through the ages.

Indeed, the Egyptians knew it for 4000 years. Much later, it arrived in Europe where it was appreciated for its ability to care until the 18th century. Then she falls into oblivion, before becoming trendy again, like other outdated vegetables. Today, many market gardeners incorporate it into mesclun. But what is this plant?

The virtues of this plant are unique

Purslane is known for its medicinal properties. Furthermore, it is also considered to be a superfood. It is advisable to have them not only in your garden, but also in your kitchen. In addition, it is strongly recommended to eat it in salad regularly. Because this species is rich in iron and vitamins A, B1, B2, C and minerals, including potassium. It also contains strong doses of omega 3which is rare.

On the other hand, its best-known pharmacological properties are: antimicrobialneuroprotective, antidiabetic and antioxidants. With frequent consumption, improvements may be noted regarding eye problems. In addition, purslane allows skin regeneration. Which makes it ideal for preventing scarring and it also promotes cardiovascular health thanks to its fatty acids. While its minerals and trace elements maintain bone strength and its high water content preventskidney diseases.

Discover other benefits of purslane

Its leaves can be used for appease redness due to to burns, swelling from insect bites or skin sores. It is also attributed with the ability to relieve stomach achesand head, and even to act on the production of breastmilk.

Purslane is also a food ingredient balanced and healthy. Moreover, it has a delicate, slightly tangy taste. With it, it is the promise of a fresh food, a little juicy and crunchy as desired.



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