Biden campaigning for the African-American vote against Trump

Biden campaigning for the African-American vote against Trump
Biden campaigning for the African-American vote against Trump

Joe Biden criticized the “extremism” of his Republican opponent Donald Trump on Friday. This speech took place at the National Museum of African American History and Culture in Washington.

“My predecessor and his extremist supporters oppose diversity, equity and inclusion across America. They do not want a country for all, but only for a few,” declared the American president.

A recent New York Times/Siena poll finds that Donald Trump could get 20% of the African American vote in November, double what he garnered in 2020. That would represent a record for a Republican candidate and a setback for Biden, who largely benefited from the support of this community during his victory four years ago.

“The history of African Americans is the history of America. Today, some are seeking to rewrite this history, to erase it,” added the 81-year-old president, who will face the 77-year-old Republican magnate again in the next presidential election.

Biden is referring to attempts by some local conservative elected officials to remove mentions of the United States’ history of slavery and segregation from school curricula.

On Thursday, Joe Biden had already praised the fight against school segregation and, on Friday, he will receive the leaders of historically black student associations.

He will then travel to Georgia to campaign among African-American voters and deliver a speech Sunday at the graduation of Morehouse University in Atlanta, where Martin Luther King studied.

The same day, he will visit an African-American-owned business in Detroit and speak at a dinner organized by the NAACP, a major association fighting against racial discrimination.

Georgia and Michigan are swing states, key states in the race for the White House.

“No vote is a foregone conclusion. We are not going to parachute into these communities at the last minute,” Trey Baker, a Joe Biden campaign official, said in a statement.

Democrats are highlighting the many steps Biden has taken to improve the lives of African Americans and increase diversity in government and the federal judiciary.



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